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  1. My tribemate and I do the same things since our first gacha was killed by the streamer and the second one was lost during the transition into the obelisk.
  2. Tribe name How to make an empty tribe name? I see a lot of tribes which have only blank space in their names. How people do it?
  3. How to kill a giga How many bullets for a sniper rifle (200%) do I need for killing a giga with 20-30k HP and probably the best saddle?
  4. My Snow Owl has stuck in the cryopod and the obelisk's data in not available What's going with the game? My Snow Owl has stuck in the cryopod and the obelisk's data in not available. How am I suppose to play the game?
  5. The changes of parasaurs What does it mean? Do parasaurs detect players inside buildings? Does the change affect the dinos?
  6. Evolution event +++ question Does it affect the small tribes?
  7. Leveling I'd like to know how can a survivor get levels 106-120 very quick after completing the tek cave?
  8. Element Dust farming I've tried to farm dust from tek dinos, but it was so slow. I get about 6-42 element per dino, and they are rare. I heard that dust can be obtained from destroying the benches and lamp posts. Is it true? How much dust I can obtain there? Does quality of the pick affect the amount of harvested dust? Is harvesting dust with a mantis worth it?
  9. Tek Replicator I'm looking for a place for the transmitter. I'd like to know whether players usually destroy them.
  10. Weapon and Armor I'd like to know what quality of the armor (ghillie, flak, riot) can be considered as good for PvP? What damage of Compound bows, rifles is good? And which one is bad for them?
  11. Mindwipe Tonic Have devs fixed the mind wipe tonic already?
  12. I used one of the caves either, but usually somebody came there on mana and kill all my dinos. 3 days ago the alphas wiped my cave with a giga and a tuso.
  13. My small bases usually got raided in 1-2 hours after I went offline. I used purlovias, but wyvern players found all of them including a lot of cryopoded argys. I had been hiding cryopods for 2-3 months, when somebody figured out it and destoyed all 5-6 storage bases in like 15 minutes. I've lost almost everything.
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