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  1. Open Notification Settings https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/notifications/options/ Turn on 'ARK In-Game Notifications/ARK Alerts'
  2. The Raft inside the Underwater cave How to place the raft inside the underwater cave? When I swim, I can't place it. The game says 'The structure requires the water surface". The name of the cave is 'Caverns of Lost Hope'.
  3. An alarm trap woks perfectly fine. I just needed the regular member status on the forum.
  4. I don't like them because they destroy all the trees arond the base, when they spawn nearby.
  5. You can create the new character on the other server and transfer the blueprints and resources via the obelisks.
  6. How to deal with Tek Forcefield? Today 120 lvl player built the base close to mine and placed teleport, Tek forcefield with heavy turrets and veronasaurs. I'd like to destroy this base since it doesn't let me fly freely near my base, but I can't do any damage to the velonasaurs because of the forcefield. Is it even possible to do something with it?
  7. How exactly should I use it?
  8. I farm blueprints in the Caverns of Lost Hope on the Island with Cactuth broth and Ghilli. Every creature stays calm except the Eurypterids.
  9. I use the following method on Small Tribes servers. You don't need god mode to complete it.
  10. How many Rexes I need?
  11. Tek engrams Is it possible to get at least some of the Tek engrams solo or duo on the official Small Tribes servers if you don't breed the creatures? Who is the easiest boss to fight?
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