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  1. Single player settings and a boss fight I'd like to go to a test battle with the boss in single player before I'll do it on the official server. I heard that the difficulty of the bosses in single player is scaled. Is there any way to get the same difficulty for single player as difficulty on the official servers?
  2. I visit the Caverns of Lost Hope almost every day, but the best piece of armor I found is the helmet with 318.9 points.
  3. How to get a good armor? I see a lot of raiders wear armor with 490+ points. Where do they get it? Also, I'd like to know where the longneck rifles with 200+% damage can be found.
  4. How to counter C4 runners? I'd like to know how to counter c4 runners, who uses 400+ armor and drinks the beer?
  5. Charge emission range of Bulbdogs I use my Bulbdogs for the players and max-level dinos detection. I put some points into the charge emission range. My bulbdog has about 390% and the bulbdog of my friend has 300% charge emission range. For some reason, both bulbdogs detect max-level dinos at the same range. So.. What if the purpose of this parameter? Do other shine-dinos have larger enemy and wild dinos detection range?
  6. Can you describe what have happened? Are you sure if it's a bug?
  7. The question about Bulbdogs I tamed several bulbdogs and transferred them to the Island. I want to use them as an enemy/ high level dino detector. I'd like to know if the light should be turned on to use their abilities.
  8. Yes, several days ago I was raising another megatherium without procoptodons, but it received the same bonus (50%).
  9. Procoptodon. Am I doing something wrong? I play at official small tribes. I have 2 procoptodons (male and female). I had 2 juvenile megatheriums, so I put one of the in the pouch of the female procoptodon. The first megatherium asked for kaddles. I pressed E, but I get only 50% of imprinting. The second one ask to go for a walk. I did it, but he got 50% of imprinting. What am I doing wrong? Is procoptodon's imprinting bonus turned off on the official small tribes?
  10. My server had 14 422 days 1 hour ago. Now it has 14 423. It's looks like all servers are not frozen.
  11. My shark swimmed away. My favorite bird has cryosickness and my character is laying among the hungry wolfs in the middle of snow biome.
  12. Turrets soaking What is a counter to the turrets soaking strategy? 2 days in the row different bases of my tribe got wiped just because players bring Trikes or Gasbags and soak all the bullets. I'd like to know how can I improve my bases in order to counter it?
  13. Can my character be transfered...? Can my character been transfered to the same server? I want to transfer the character with resources from an obelisk to my base. Is it possible? Usually I chose some different server for transfering. Can I select the same server for this purpose?
  14. What parasaur bots do you mean?
  15. Breeding on official servers How players breed the dinos on the official PvP servers? If you are not a member of alpha tribe, you can't leave the dinos outside the cryopod while you are offline because they will be killed. If you put the turrets near the breeding pen, they will be soaked and the dinos will be killed. Mainly I play on the Island. Can you give me any tips how to protect the babies and the dinos for breeding?
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