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  1. except I don't see it as wrong at all. I read the code of conduct, does not match the code of conduct even remotely to me. one friend said you should ask the devs and I was completely confused as to why. but seriously they are very vague... if thats the case then theres literally over 100 things I know about that might violate the code of conduct lol... >.> but it is very subtle and seems like its part of the game to me.
  2. Devs/admins are never clear The developers always state in replies and say either that is okay to do OR they state that "It is not recommended so that it does not violate the code of conduct" Well... I have news for you devs/admins. Most of the things when you talk to me and a bunch of others... you say that might violate the code of conduct... are well.... are not in the code of conduct not even remotely... so therefore I conclude that (with some common sense of course) that mean I am allowed to do it at will.
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