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  1. 9 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

    So an event... every few days.


    9 hours ago, hbomb1972 said:

    Here's an idea: Next year when events are a thing of the past, activate all the colors, and set the event boss dinos ( dodorex, dodo wyvern) to randomly show up on the maps every few days.

    But set up as an ultra rare untameable spawn, similar settings (other than the taming part) to a unicorn.

  2. This is not the place for this. Put in a trouble ticket. I don't remember exactly where the link is, but you can search for it. Sorry for your loss. Also, if they can help you, you will have to prove your old levels. Did you save any of your implants from your old character? That will help them help you.

  3. 5 hours ago, MibsXX said:

    am i the only one that read that as all server transfers will be allowed to Crystal Isles  from 25th Aug ? IE ps4 and xbox too?


    No, it said that PC players will get transfers now. We'll get them in couple months. 


    Can we get a boost to 2x for raising? Everything else is, so why not for raising babies. 

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  4. Thank you Wildcard for giving us another unplayable event. Do you need beta testers for consoles? If so, many on this forum would sign up. If you have some already, fire them and get new ones because they don't give you feedback about things that don't work. ( i.e. are they all just yes men or in awe about how pretty the game looks?)

    [ it is very visually stunning btw]

    Also, fyi: Tropeo babies don't show maturation bars.

    Please stop adding new content until what's already there works better, even if that means that we have to wait awhile for the next new thing. And rollbacks of more than 15 to 30 minutes are counter productive  because you forget what you have done.

  5. Please fix your servers

    Please work on upgrading your servers before any more events or add-ons. There are so many crashes and outages during the events. I live on Rag 917, and during the current event, I have lost a couple of tames due to offline death during a crash. I've spent as much time waiting for the server to come back up as playing. 

  6. Rag 917 has been down this week more than it has been up. I was in Saturday morning, but the server crashed and was down for the rest of the day. When I finally got in this morning, it said I died and I lost all gear and cryopods on me, losing a wyvern and spino. I was in the process of podding up as many other dinos as I could and transfer servers for now, and server crashes again. Am I going to lose a dozen more dinos thanks to being Wildcarded? They need to fix the servers before any more events or maps. Boosted weekends are lost if you can't get into the game.

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