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  1. I actually tamed two bees the other day, and it was because i found an easily accessable beehive. That is the key! Also, if the bee won’t let you feed, walk away, but not out of render range, and come back in about 30 seconds. They reset and allowed me to feed!  Sopd the second bee for a high level ferox so aparently they’re a pain in the u no what for everyone.

  2. Loch’d and Loaded bugged?

    Has anyone had issues with the miniboss dinos not spawning during those types of missions?  After four attempts we never got the plesio to spawn even the first time. We definitely got all of the tracks. I guess the better question is: does anyone know a way around this bug? I know it also can happen on other miniboss hunt missions.





  3. Magmasaur stats

    Does anyone know if melee stat improves their ranged attack and dot damage? Also does it effect the amount of metal farmed similar to anky/doed? Trying to figure out the best stats to dump points into, but can’t find much info on it.  Any help would be appreciated!





  4. Alright after building two wooden structures i can confirm that the taming is broken. If you tamed any you are lucky. Both of my traps were decent sized and successfully trapped the queens. The queens were not tamable. No message ever appeared and they just kept flying into the wall until they despawned. Again, if you tamed one, you got lucky. I’m going to keep attempting this as they seem to respawn even with the structures nearby(which also goes against a previous comment).  Wild card needs to rethink bee taming on genesis.

  5. Taming bees in the trees on official

    I’ve been trying for a few hours now, and this is rather difficult to say the least. 

    If you manage to find an unabandoned nest in a good location that you can build a platform nearby to shoot. The bee just flys away. 

    You can’t grip them with stalkers, and from what i hear they aren’t feedable when trapped. Is that last part true?

    Any tips on how to tame these on Genesis would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I’ve been waiting for three hours myself today. Last night my game crashed while i was trying to retrieve my body from the ferox cave, and i was unable to log back in at all(added to cue for two hours before i gave up for bed). People won’t log out for fear of not being able to get back in which makes the issue worse. I think it’s safe to say you OWE us our money back, because we’re not recieving the product we payed for. 

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