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  1. Theses are just some ideas for the map. some sound extrema, some not so much! lets start with the lesser things Spawns Crabs: Spawn all over the ocean Biome, and can spawn in the south part of Rockwell's garden but Rarely in the norther part Bigfoots: Spawn in the Eden zone Morellatops: Spawn in the Rockwells garden and rarely in the Eden zone. Spawn in packs Thorny dragon: Spawn more in the rockwell zone rather then just being stuck in the far North and south Procoptodon: Spawns more in the eden zone. mostly around Hills Bees: Can spawn more often
  2. Same i just Pray to Walter that we do not get a R-mana
  3. I think it would make more sense if the "Wings" where more like Hover things like the tek drones
  4. Thank you for your kind words. it was kinda hard to think of some things without a Full OVERHAUL, but i manage. and some where easy to think about and some not so much I am going to keep updating it for some animals i missed. and yeah the deathworm is a but much, however Black pearls are rather rare on SE. so thats why i say 500
  5. good point but still. more uses for APB would be nice
  6. im happy for it too but i don't want it to EAT my ARB on our sever we uses that as money and plus, APB are not used to much.
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