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  1. maybe some Weapons could get a TLC Simple pistol can auto fire when not Aiming down sight (like the revolvers in RDR) Double barrel can shoot both shots if you hold the trigger, and can uses simple rifle Rounds as a Slug (kinda like thoses Boar rifles) Longneck: goes through 50% of armor Advance Pistol has more ammo, can be set to burst fire, and does a tad bit more damage AR: when you shoot a target continuously it does more and more damage (does more damage if you continue to fire at the same target) pump Shotgun; ReSize in third Person Sniper: can take of
  2. i guess but if i was on the ark i would try to ride one do to its caplitys Plus its a herb Pack animal, we only have meat eaters that are pack animals. i like to see that kind of thing "hum do i want to have kentros or wolves?" yeah you could say that any animals can be a pack animal but im talking about boost. like wolfs and raptors.
  3. well its still prolyl not fun or comfy, the stego maybe, but the bloodstalkerm hell no. he will try to drink you're blood if he is hurt. some with a basilisk, rolerat, Wyvern, Dodie, and others.
  4. Here is some new drawling for it
  5. yeah it would be unconfutable, but hey at least you can ride it, i don't think riding a Stego is fun, or a Bloodstalker. Im working on 3 drawling of ideas of where you would ride it, the main one is half way where the plates and the spikes are, you would stick out though due to the saddle being elevated so you can sit on a chair like saddle kinda like a thorny dragon. Another is around the neck again its elevated so you can fit, but thats a maybe. I think they are Just the right size to ride, not to big and not too small. Patchys, Moshchops, Frogs. Plus with the dossier, Helana may
  6. the gen ones do it, and its bad, there are SO MANY BLOODY SHARKKS!
  7. ill have to check. on my normal map and the server i play on. ill let you know.
  8. no, if it bites you again, it goes back up, And up! and UP! So using the giant turtle to haul goods is not a good idea!
  9. The Only sea dino i uses is the Baslio and it does not give the bleed effect when attacked, and it makes the Sea sausage just a much better choice then even the Mosa! becauses he can deal with both shocks and bleed! while the others are just squishy
  10. same i always try to make something up to make one thing better rather the gut it. But for both the Ravager and meglo should have bleed, but not the one that slows you down, Maybe the megalodon can have the one they thylo has where its still a percent but does not slow you down. Same with the ravager but only with the swipe attack! Maybe the meglo has a another bite that does less Base damage but gives the bleed.
  11. thats because they are everywhere! If there's one, there is most likely 5 more *COUGH COUGH GENISIS X-SHARKS COUGH*
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