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  1. Udam

    Homestead Update 2!

    Yes. just.... yes Why didn't you post this suggestion? lol I am going to redownload Atlas so i can go over Every Building part. ITS my one dream in ark is to have the building parts from Atlas into ark. I think this would make the Game SO much better sense you are near limitless in what you can build!
  2. Udam

    Homestead Update 2!

    deleted due to copy
  3. Udam

    Homestead Update 2!

    Building changes: Many of the building parts we have would have a slightly need model Thatch: The Wall, Door and foundation look more like stick buildings, Like sticks wrapped with Twin and thatch. while the roof and sloped roof are just made of thatch. Wood: the Outside of the wooden walls have thick logs acting as the whole protection. while the inside is a more like a crude lumber, the foundation looks the same but the floor has crude wood planks, the ceiling is the same, Sloped triangle Ceilings no longer have these holes that shine light in there, its just Pure wood. Pillars loo
  4. So most of theses are Building parts in Atlas But Oh well. Where we go, some are new and some are from other games. (ones from Atlas) Roof valley: Thatch, wood, adobe, stone, metal, tek Roof Curved: Thatch wood, stone, adobe, metal, tek Sloped Doorway: Wood, stone, Adobe, metal, tek Half wall: wood, stone, adobe, metal, tek Half Doorway: Wood, stone, adobe, metal, tek Slim stairs (Left, right, Straight, Left Over, Right over): wood, stone, adobe, metal, tek Behemoth wall (Much stronger then B Gates): Stone, metal, adobe, tek Wide Mid Gate
  5. i have a idea to turn the Spacewhale into a starship/AC-130 and more into a team work raid dino. you would need a full crew to arm the whole thing. so here we go. Remove the platform saddle and turn it into a "Bridge room" where the captain of the ship is and where some other gear is for 3 extra people to man Shields Station: this person works with the Holo sheild of the whale witch helps out with keeping it alive longer. but uses alot of element to keep shield up. (just adds Extra armor) Scout/drone station: if you need to scan around the area you can take control of a Drone to sc
  6. i like that idea but IMO that should be for the diplodicus (I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL!) becauses it is kinda useless, and it has that long wiggly tail, they could say that it has cartilage in its tail making it so it will not hurt the diplo and it would be a super whip, able to Scare almost anything (aside from gigas, titanos and titans) it can pick stuff up, somehow! it stuns dinos, and if it hits a small target it does a nice amount of damage!
  7. I think they should spawn rarely in the swamps ,very rarely the jungles and the badlands and dunes of SE and Rag. bat: i all want for bats is to just land lol arthro:...... Titanoboa. i like this but why not both? the ark does some freaky stuff to animals. why not make it both venomous and a Constrictor small things like humans, dodos, and dilos it uses its venom to knock out animals, to big dinos like parars, sacros and even spinos, they can Leap up and wrap around a area to make the sufficate, they can also inject venom as well! (like a Dien but more scary)
  8. Part 2! Building parts, things, ETC! Stone age: Building Twig/thatch: a Makeshift wood and sticks, looks like Weaved Thatch, sticks, Fiber and Bamboo, the roofs are made of thatch. (All building parts!) Log: a Raw wood made of.... LOGS! Gives nice protecting from wildlife and people! is also nice for Weather! Clay: a Raw clay that can be used to protect you from the elements (mostly heat and weather) and gives OK protection! Stone: Raw stone made on a Old wooden frams: good protection from Wildlife, people but not so good for weather. (new building shapes, like the ones from at
  9. im just saying that as a joke, cuz some times thats how if feels lol
  10. i got many ideas that its driving me a bit crazy lol now i do hope this game is not all primitive, i hope we can progress through tiers Stone, metal, Modern. but it should be Much slower, and each tier has its Equals and uses. now i do not want to be here all day but ill give a brief on weapons! Stone age Spear: classic stone spear, can be thrown, they have a set durability and can be set on fire with animal fat and Spark powder! Stone Hatchet and pick (same as normal) Club: good for knocking stuff out! Stone club: This club has a Lunk of sone on it so it does more Ra
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