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  1. Still recruiting? Psn- SoFriedImCrispy 27 Central time zone Level 94 Tamer, breeder, server raider, scout, grinder, tag along companion. Great at the game. Love to pvp. Played over 1000+ hours over the years. Remember when you could add points to movement speed for flyers. (Boy that was an awesome time in ark!) Looking for a official pvp tribe that is built up and isnt starting out.
  2. Interview Male, 27, level 96, Central-time, i have a mic, my psn is - SoFriedImCrispy, im great at pvp, i grind hard, i breed for boss stats/bloodlines, im a great scouter, im a team player, im not greedy, im a smart thinker. Things i can bring to the table- *teamwork makes the dreamwork *think before i act *positive player *no man left behind (dont inside) *cover other players grind duties? *dont raid servers im built on *help beach bobs out so heat stays off main server tribe and griefers focus on bobs more *tactical thinker when raiding/pvping *pvp kit always on me no matter what *ready for anything
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