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  1. Taming Basilisk Are Crystal Wyvern eggs going to be added to taming Basilisks like the Magma eggs were added on the Genesis map? It would have been nice to see that added prior to the event
  2. 608 is where we ran a Beta and 646, both allow damage to him but shoot way up
  3. So we ran Beta a few more times (RIP Ferox) and found that you have to shoot really high on Rockwell. Like up into his forehead and he takes damage, I believe that the hitbox might be off since moving him but it is possible to run. Hopefully the hitbox will match his head in the future!!
  4. Beta Controller Doesn't Take Damage A group of us on PvE went to do Beta Controller last night, no issues all the way to Rockwell. When it was time to damage him, he took no damage. We had tek rex saddles, tek rifles and dinos nothing would damage him at all. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. I have lost 2 Gigas and gave up putting in a report for them. I miss the saddles they had more than them but they likely TP'd with you but since the mesh is so easy in Arctic they were probably sent with you but under the map and then they fell to the middle of the mesh where you would not be able to see them. If you have their details in Ark Smart Breeder, I would put in a ticket for a dino replacement and cross your fingers they give you a Giga. Now I have heard that they no longer will give you imprint though, so that will be dependant on the person you get I think but you won't know
  6. My body was still on the map and I was able to find someone in tribe to come and feed me some organic poly. That did the trick but I was suspended, not consuming food, water, energy on my screen but I am guessing I was on in the map somehow. Issue resolved but very strange. I will no longer lay on a skiff bed...
  7. After Update Stuck in No Mans Land Anyone have any issues with logging back in after the update? I have a black screen and some sort of doughnut structure around me. I was laying in a bed on a skiff....and now I am stranded. Restarted Steam, Ark, Force Quit, finally got HLNA to be able to teleport and still received a message that I am laying down and cannot be teleported.
  8. No Evo event until after the event but the event ends Friday. Sure hope there's still an event to make up for the servers dying and losing babies or toons Really looking forward to the next themed event!!
  9. I've only just started playing, and I've encountered all of these issues. Great write up, hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears
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