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  1. Why worry about what your community wants? You will take what you get!! Whether you want more or not, no one is actually listening to us
  2. Sandbox game, survival part was removed a few years ago when everyone learned how to level and the order to tame. Not much of a sandbox when its just a dirty grind that messes up when they reboot the servers for the upteenth time over the weekend when most people are on. But you keep collecting your single stone and being content
  3. Sadly it was merged into a thread from ages ago...its too bad it took so long to get the message out for all the people. I dont blame you, just wish there was better communication for everyone so you and I wouldn't need to be attached to posts like these
  4. You may want to read the previous messages and see if anyone in the 180+ posts lists the same issue before asking if anyone else is having the same issue
  5. Wait a second, they actually got a message saying they are looking into things? Figured ArkDevtracker would have had something by now as well
  6. All Ark is down Have to wait for it to come back up
  7. The original post is from a year ago. Change Management says, if you create a new patch and the same issues occurs; you create another NEW instance for the error to track when it occurred again and then attach all those incidents/reports to a PROBLEM and then issue a tentative work around as a minimal solution or what the fix is for the PROBLEM Since there are so many people having the issue. One day Wildcard might hit Enterprise level, but still not there with this backwards logic
  8. No Evo event until after the event but the event ends Friday. Sure hope there's still an event to make up for the servers dying and losing babies or toons Really looking forward to the next themed event!!
  9. I've only just started playing, and I've encountered all of these issues. Great write up, hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears
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