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  1. Love the rates but PS4 Replicators broke. No Crafting Engrams. Wrong Item Qty Calculations and can't add any items.
  2. Fantastic Event, Love the Stream, Next year our tribe will participate as a team with fundraising/sponsorship in advance for the event. Thanks WC.
  3. You were wrong. At 15k we went to 3.5x We will be at 8x at 60k
  4. The information was taken verbatim from the live broadcast scrren shot from the 2017 Event reposted in a recent Ark Announcement on the Extra Life Event
  5. 5k - 2.5x 10k - 3.0x 15k - 3.5x 20k - 4.0x 25k - 4.5x 30k - 5.0x 35k - 5.5x 40k - 6.0x 45k - 6.5x 50k - 7.0x 55k - 7.5x 60k - 8.0x
  6. Last year it lasted 25 hours for entire event (25 hrs due to the end of Daylight Savings Time. If I remember correctly it was 8x within 6 hours of the event starting which is at 12PM Eastern but that is completely donation dependent. Because so much was raised last year 4x was then extended by WC into Monday until the normal weekly event ending time.
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