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  1. Fix cryopods changing imprints I'm assuming this is not an intentional feature and it kind of invalidates the use of certain kibbles or make wyvern/rockdrake raising much easier. This bug is extremely useful of course but it is quite odd that this is a bug/mechanic in the game that really hasn't been sorted yet.
  2. Disable cryosickness on dedicated pvp servers I suggest a feature to disable the cryopod sickness on pvp servers. Not much too say about it but it would be useful for people playing on a pvp server with friends who want a little bit of pvp fun or want pvp specifically to ease the process of breeding of breeding on high rates.
  3. Skins and chibi gui/menu I made a similar post in the past but I thought it through more thoroughly. So as you know seasonal skins/costumes are limited to events. Also skins are considered as items so you can lose these limited items. So I propose some sort of gui menu similar to the tribe tab which is made specifically for skins and chibis. Menu: Would contain a list of skins that you have unlocked and once unlocked you can set a skin to stay on for example you could set every club you equip to have the candy cane skin or every helmet you equip to have the clown mask skin. The same wou
  4. T-T Yeah hopefully they can figure something out to get most of the mods on console
  5. In the genesis launch stream they showed off MTS Arena as a substitute for SOFT so if you want easy pvp games go give it a try
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