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  1. Turning on forges, replicators and stuff It should only be tribe members or tribe members and allies who can turn on stuff in your base(s). Why anyone can makes no sense, unless uou want people trolling..
  2. Assign which dinos eat from wich trough. Make it possible to assign wich dinos eat from troughs. Making it possible to havemeat eaters and fish eaters side by side. Or to help when raising dinos.
  3. You can put pins in the map on ps4. When you have your map open, press square, there you put in cords, colour of pin and what you'd like to call it. Colours, markets and stuff in the hud/minimap would mess up the visuals and make it more messy.
  4. Keep maps opened Once you ho to a server and you open up your map. Let that map stay that way even if you log off or transfer to another server. At the same time, if you put reference pins in your map. Keep them too, they don't make sense otherwise.
  5. Download survivor is missing from my screen I've been vaiting on transfers to open on ps4, so i could get back to my main server and save stuff. A friend msg me and said transfers are open, so i went to blue ob on 1063, transfered to the wrong server 533 instead of 33. The system shut down before transfer was done and when i log back in, not in 533, 33, 633 or 1063 do i have the option to download survivor. Help and f**k.
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