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  1. Genius! But there would need to be a lot of signatures. Do you think there would be enough to rally for support?
  2. Sounds like a disappearing dino glitch. It happens to me too but in a different area. My sister just turns off the game and hope it resets before the glitch happened. What system does this happen? If it’s the Switch, then chances are it can’t be fixed.
  3. If they patch the game and add DLC (with good graphics) I will make a damn public apology for my criticism and buy every single dlc. Prove me wrong, Wildcard. Then again, they don’t care about what they did wrong. They just wanted our money.
  4. They better patch the game and release dlc. If not, my patience will officially run thin and I will shelf this game and their thieving company
  5. And that’s the stone cold truth. The graphics are shoddy and if it damaged your eyes that badly, I consider myself lucky because my eye sight is terrible as it is. I’m with you. I didn’t do as much research because just the concept of playing with dinosaurs was thrilling. I should’ve done more research and saw what a waste of space excuse of a company Wildcard is. I haven’t even been playing that long! Your story makes this even worse. To dedicate so much time and joy to something, only for that to get destroyed because a company cares more about how much money they can milk out of us instead of performance. I hope Wildcard sees your post and grows a damn conscience and maybe some common sense.
  6. I want my money back. I’d say we should start a petition for them to fix the game but let’s be honest, Wildcard wouldn’t even give us a glance if we did.
  7. Yeah, Wild Card robbed us! The game looks like a beta test, it’s overrun with glitches and bugs, and some people can’t even progress in the game because the servers don’t work! Worse yet, while they’re dishing out cool new content exclusively for pc, Xbox, and PS4, we’re stuck hoping they even remember to patch up basic functions in the game. I would literally pay someone outside of Wildcard to fix this game because obviously Wild Card doesn’t care about us and just wanted our money.
  8. And that’s the stone cold truth. I will never buy another game from this company ever again. If I don’t matter to them, then neither does my patronage.
  9. Mine despawns after I put a saddle on it. After my first Parasaur was killed, all Parasaurs disappear after I put a saddle on them. My Parasaur, Jade, suddenly disappeared after I had made a saddle and put it on her. We went walking with the other dinosaurs, when I turned around and she wasn’t there. I assumed she got stuck but I couldn’t find her. I went off and tamed another, Carnelian. Same thing happened again. Then I went and tamed another, Damian. He disappeared after I put a saddle on him and left the area to tame more pteranodons. He was gone when I came back. I have another Parasaur with no saddle and she’s still there.
  10. They’ve flat out ignored me. I got Ark on the Switch and I’m struggling with a bug in the system. If asked for help through email, I was ignored, sent a bug report here, and they still haven’t helped. I’m so close to getting a refund but the game was a gift and I’m holding out in hopes they finally release an update to fix everything.
  11. Possible repairs for bugs? It’s no secret that Ark on the Switch is... less than perfect. Graphics are pixelated, bugs and glitches are common, tech support is slow and sometimes ineffective, and we don’t get the same attention as other ark system platforms. What bugs and glitches have you come across? Are there any possible ways to fix them?
  12. They better fix all the bugs in the game first. It’s like playing a beta version. I hope the update a patch to prevent dinosaurs disappearing.
  13. Yeah. We spend 60 dollars for the Switch game that is full of bugs and problems and we’re constantly ignored. I really wanted to love the game. I love dinosaurs and was so excited to get it but honestly, support never responds to my bug reports. It was fun but when hard earned dinosaurs start vanishing, I didn’t want to play for fear that I’d lose more important items. The fact that they put so little care into it and don’t bother to help is frustrating. I’m so closed to dropping the game entirely.
  14. I’m trying to enjoy it but I’m being plagued with the disappearing Dino glitch. It’s honestly frustrating to be low level, tame several Parasaurs, work hard to make saddles, and they just vanish.
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