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  1. Yeah, they apparently refuse to respond to any questions or anything about Ark on the Switch. I have a love-hate relationship with the game and a lot of disdain for Wildcard because of this disrespectful business practice. They won’t even respond to bug reports and I heard some rumor they block people over asking about it. Wildcard was hoping to make a quick buck. I want to play the full game on Xbox. I’m just planning on buying it second hand at reduced price.
  2. Oh tons of times. Is it on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Mobile, or Switch? Sometimes they just despawn
  3. They won’t, I’m afraid. They promised over a year ago that they would patch the game and we’re still here waiting for them. I’m sorry to disappoint, friend.
  4. They do not care about us. They got their money and ran with it. Wish there was a different way to patch up the game outside of Wildcard and their pathetic excuse for service. Imagine if you could find MODs that could fix the game for the Switch instead of relying on Wildcard and their empty promises. They could make the models better and fix the frame rate.
  5. The amount of anger this made me feel is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  6. I’ll toast to that, friend. Their treatment of the game and the community is nothing more than a display of senseless corporate greed. It’s disappointing and disrespectful. I want to enjoy the game but seeing the difference of how they treat us versus the PC, XBox, and PlayStation players is very disheartening. They’ve really damaged their own reputation.
  7. I been b*tching since last year. It’s ugly it’s forgotten and it’s buggy but I’m attached to all the dinosaurs I have. Been in love with them since I was 2 so this game sounded like a gift when I saw it. Turns out it’s a broken cash grab due to corporate greed.
  8. Don’t. Save your money. If you don’t mind bad graphics and even worse tech support, go ahead. It’s fun, it’s just ugly and crashes a lot.
  9. Whoever is in charge should resign. They’ve failed as a game developer. They at least owe us some kind of statement, “like sorry, but we won’t be updating” instead of having us hold on to false hope. I’m sure Mobile is far worst but I’m not one to argue. Regardless of which version is worst and on a slightly lighter note, I have kinda just accepted it. The game is ugly, it glitches and bugs out occasionally, and doesn’t even fully work in some spots but I’ve kinda grown attached to my buggy dinosaurs, especially my Baryonyx, Naomi. Too bad I’ll never get to see her in good resolution or frame
  10. Same my game crashes if I move too fast, overheats my console and makes it crash. No word on DLC.
  11. I’ve come to terms (kind of) that the switch is never getting updated. I’m just cheating junk for now to make up for the bugs. Not that all the cheats even work so we still get the short end of the stick. Last time I buy a game from wildcard. I’ll take my business elsewhere.
  12. Well, it’s November... where’s the DLC? Maybe their planning it as a Christmas present?
  13. Trying to spawn in and hatch baby gigas but the odds are against me and I have to spawn everything in because of a bug in the system.
  14. That’s awesome! I’m not in a place to breed anything just yet.
  15. Imagine how much money they would make if they just improved the graphics and released dlc.... I just really want to play ragnarok
  16. If they patch the game and add DLC (with good graphics) I will make a damn public apology for my criticism and buy every single dlc. Prove me wrong, Wildcard. Then again, they don’t care about what they did wrong. They just wanted our money.
  17. They better patch the game and release dlc. If not, my patience will officially run thin and I will shelf this game and their thieving company
  18. They better fix all the bugs in the game first. It’s like playing a beta version. I hope the update a patch to prevent dinosaurs disappearing.
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