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  1. I’ve come to terms (kind of) that the switch is never getting updated. I’m just cheating junk for now to make up for the bugs. Not that all the cheats even work so we still get the short end of the stick. Last time I buy a game from wildcard. I’ll take my business elsewhere.
  2. Egg health on Spawned Eggs I have Ark on the Switch and decided to try my hand at spawning fertile eggs. Does anyone know what health on an egg means when trying to hatch one? I spawned in a fertilized giga egg to try hatch a baby to see how it functions. I’ve never hatched an egg before. Incubation is going on, I sped up incubation so it’s dropping faster but health isn’t changing. Any ideas?
  3. Well, it’s November... where’s the DLC? Maybe their planning it as a Christmas present?
  4. Trying to spawn in and hatch baby gigas but the odds are against me and I have to spawn everything in because of a bug in the system.
  5. Really WildCard? R e a l l y? Apparently cheating is also a PC privilege that Switch players only get a fraction of. The game is so freaking buggy that I have to cheat certain items in because the engrams were erased. To even get good things, I gotta cheat. They cheated me, I’ll cheat em right back. Oh! But wait! Certain codes don’t work! Once again they pulled the wool over my eyes and cheated me again. Does anyone have proper codes to cheat in tamed dinosaurs, flexible electrical cords, and kibble (it doesn’t cook in my game)? It doesn’t work for me and y’all know tech support won’t help. (Don’t move this to big reports cause I’m still waiting for the last three reports to be answered.)
  6. Nintendo has too many responsibilities at this time anyway, with newer, bigger titles getting releases. Besides, I don’t think anyone would care about a group demanding better graphics and dlc for a game. It sucks.
  7. That’s awesome! I’m not in a place to breed anything just yet.
  8. Imagine how much money they would make if they just improved the graphics and released dlc.... I just really want to play ragnarok
  9. Genius! But there would need to be a lot of signatures. Do you think there would be enough to rally for support?
  10. Sounds like a disappearing dino glitch. It happens to me too but in a different area. My sister just turns off the game and hope it resets before the glitch happened. What system does this happen? If it’s the Switch, then chances are it can’t be fixed.
  11. If they patch the game and add DLC (with good graphics) I will make a damn public apology for my criticism and buy every single dlc. Prove me wrong, Wildcard. Then again, they don’t care about what they did wrong. They just wanted our money.
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