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  1. Please help me more data about computer has 4gb of RAM
  2. HELP ME fix ark Hello.... I screwed up ark I was watching this video on how to help me make ark less laggy and improve fps but i think it was outdated. Now ark doesnt work anymore and in 2 days when Genisis releases I wont be able to start my series on Youtube. I think i can fix it in time but I really need help making my computer have exceptional fps, and if possible could i get a decent fps with high quality? here is my computer stats (sorry couldnt take screenshot) (REMOVED)
  3. Axeman, Jimboss, and Syntac are really good Axeman is just easy to watch, very entertaining and you will end up subscribing
  4. Anybody see a jerboa up on the manticore lady’s shoulder or am I crazy or has there always been jerboas in ark mobile and I’m stupid I need explaining
  5. What was the first Dino that killed you in ark We all have dealed with dinosaurs in the past, which one killed you first the first to kill me was the sarco
  6. Stupid things we have all done in ark in our noob ages, NUMBER ONE underestimate therys oh gosh what is that thing, it has huge claws that thing is huge hmmm its not attacking those other dinos oh its picking berries it must be a herbivore I think its friendly I’m going to take a closer look Bob - Lvl 1 was killed by a Therizinosaur - Lvl 99999999999999 NUMBER TWO terror birds are just raptors heh I’m pretty good at this game, raptors cant mess with me I’m gona go exploring ooooo redwoods hah look at those ugly birds down there running Im gona teach em whos boss (lands down) (terror bird army) TARGET SIGHTED they just keep coming out the forrest like ants Bob - Lvl 6 was killed by a Terror Bird - Lvl 67 NUMBER THREE yummy blue berries ok I need to eat some food hmm all these berries have bright colors that means they are poisonous heh me have big brain ooo blueberrys , they cant be poisonous CONSUMED 50 NARCOBERRIES (falls asleep) huh wut (Ants) TARGET SPOTTED Bob - Lvl 1 was killed by a Titanomyrma - Lvl 1
  7. I was raiding a cave for loot, I was a pretty high level, and pretty confident. I took my favorite raptor who was a high level, and marched in. I had everything I needed but I forget about stimulants, I rushed into a wall of pulminos and started attacking, and when I killed off half I looked to my item bar expecting stimulants, then the painful feeling of shock hit me, I forgot them. More pulminos titans and arthros came, my armor broke, my raptor was almost asleep, and I didn’t bring any guns with me. I tried to run away but I was stacked with chitin so I jumped over an area of stalactites where was not a safe place to stand, and a crowd of pulminos were waiting there behind the stalactites and my raptor fainted on the stalactites. I fed the raptor the few stimberrys I had and waited eventually It recovered from unconsciousness, but it recovered in a stalactite area where your not supposed to stand, so it woke up and died in 5 seconds and sank through the map. I got so upset, and I had to kill all the bugs with a slingshot and a crossbow. Another time I was flying on my favorite pteranodon and I needed to land for stamina, so I flew down into the forrest and I looked around a couple times and then a max level thery just came in or spawned in, and started to attack me. My pteranodon flew to attack it and I attacked it with my sword. The thery killed me and I came all the way back and my pteranodon was still fighting almost dead (It had high health) I went to recover my stuff and charged into battle again, the thery killed my bird, then killed me, I had it down to 150 health. I was so triggered I put on my best gear and got my insane level thery, and raced to the thery, my birds ascendant saddle despawned and I wrecked the thery. I was so upset, I chopped up the thery into meat and stuffed it all into my dung beetle.
  8. Last time i did the swamp cave me and tribe mates went in with 3 high level dire wolves and a high level saber and we got the artifact but lost two dire wolves and the saber and lost two tribe mates, and when i got almost out the cave i was not mounted but my other tribe mate got out because he was mounted and i died cuz my mask broke but at least he got the artifact, oh wait he has to go through the terror birds OOF
  9. Welp it seems our arguing is getting us no where, lets just never talk about this topic again, and continue to live our lives on earth, I’d rather not make an enemy, and if this helps I’m sorry for saying you cant read the topic.
  10. This bug only works for the chalk and ice elemental (Valguero Rock Elementals) when ever you cryo pod a chalk or ice golem they never come out the cryopod
  11. MDwesman


    Hm i never new you could do that, well maybe the megaphone idea can still call all your tames at once that are far away
  12. Seems you don’t know how to read the topic, I’m trying to be nice and instead of answering the topic you wanna throw out your assumptions of me being inexperienced, you don’t know how to play the game, I don’t care about the topic, go tame a different Dino. How bout you go find a topic that needs your intelligence of the best cave tames, and start reading the topic.
  13. Thank you for answering my question, my sarcos are decent and i have an army of them so i am gona use the army to raid they cave
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