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  1. Our newest cluster, Survival is launching in 8 days! Join our Discord now for details.
  2. ARKADE PvP Season 9 starts in 1.5 hours!!! Come join today!
  3. ARKADE PvP is wiping this Friday, November 22 at 7pm EDT!!! Hope to see you!
  4. Join us now in Discord to discuss ARKADE's PvP Season 9!
  5. We're keeping the Fear Evolved event over the weekend, will stop it on Monday morning, but we're enabling you to keep your fun pumpkins and stuff.
  6. Join now and catch the last few days of the Fear 3volved event!
  7. We just added Antartika map to PvE-Legacy cluster!Come join us in 2 hours for our Friday Night Fireside voice chat in DIscord!
  8. Ark event Fear 3volved has started across all 3 of our clusters! Also, our PvE Evolved cluster (no relation to the Halloween event) just launched its 6th map last night, come get your favorite spot on Center!
  9. We'll be adding a few maps to the pve clustesr this week, join today to get the sweetest spot!
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