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  1. We're launching our newest cluster - PvE Extreme Primal Fear! A total of 3 maps, join us today!
  2. New Survival Season 2 just started 3 hours ago! Play Ark the way it was meant to be played, while progressing through maps in Story Mode, or chill out on the Hub maps. 12 map cluster!
  3. We've got Season 2 Survival PvE with so many exciting changes coming this month! Join our Discord to get in on the fun!
  4. PvP Season 14 starts tonight! 8/21 7pm EDT Season 13 wiping in the next hour. Join us in tonight's Fireside (our weekly Discord chat)!
  5. We have our first Crossplay PvP map. We have lots of exciting plans, join ARKADE today!
  6. Join ARKADE today and get some pvp action in with the launch of Season 13 at 7pm EDT TONIGHT!!!
  7. We've got 4 Crystal Isles maps now running on all our clusters on ARKADE! Come join us today for the summer event!
  8. Bump, join our Fireside chat to help us shape Season 12 pvp! See what big plans we have for pve!
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