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  1. Rather meh it's then just like F76 Level  system not fun to grind for something which is just a lvl. Need lvl 50 for that minigun you picked ip? Play another 30 h until you can use it rarher meh. But maybe your epoch idea is great just  in Age of Empires but with an option to lock it at a certain lvl for some more  primitiv and tek stuff servers. However saying you can't tame x y dino is just anti ark. Most people bought it to ride dinos the game which  we wished when we we're young! In then end the you can tame x y dino is already in it via the saddles. It get's really repetive then craft x y station tier 1 then t2 t3 t4 t5 is no fun. We would need some kind of objective then like the bosses but not like beat me and get tek instantly. Every new approach to a epoch should be amazing and freshand not just grind. For example  early game to mid game Mount and Blade Warband is fun as hell but then to take each castle again and again is hella boring.

    Resumé is nice idea but not wel thought we already have this with Inventory crafting  -> smithy -> fabricator -> tek

    But still I like the sound of it but not what I have read here just the same copy  anf pastw system by WC.

    Like any other survival game aka open world.

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