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  1. i have my own private servers at my adress, i have 300Mbit so should be more than enough. I never liked paying rented servers so bought my own but afaik there is no option to up the bandwidth atm. i tried this code but it doesnt seem to work, the client just defaults to 60 Kbits/s it seems. dno if the server actuaally ups the bandwidth since i put in the code in the engine.ini and game.ini files there as well. the result was that the loading of bases took just as long at least, so didnt seem to work. lines to add into ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\Engine.ini (LinuxServer or whatever)[/script/onlinesubsystemutils.ipnetdriver]NetServerMaxTickRate=XXLanServerMaxTickRate=XXMaxClientRate=1048576 (in bytes per second)MaxInternetClientRate=1048576 (in bytes per second)MinClientRate=1048576 (in bytes per second)MinInternetClientRate=1048576 (in bytes per second)[/script/engine.player]ConfiguredInternetSpeed=1048576 (in bytes per second)ConfiguredLanSpeed=1048576 (in bytes per second) lines to add into ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\Game.ini (LinuxServer or whatever)[/script/engine.gamenetworkmanager]TotalNetBandwidth=1048576MaxDynamicBandwidth=149796MinDynamicBandwidth=6990
  2. Make even better network bandwidth options for Unofficial Servers hi i Run a Cluster of servers and we like building big bases. As such we have very long loading times for the base to actually render because of the limited info the client gets on what structures are there, even on epic 60 Kbits/s. I know that there are some limitations for Official servers, but a lot of people play on private server. It would be very nice to not actually have to wait 1 min before the base is rendered in. I hope you will take this into consideration. structures/s increase would be most welcome. Most people have good connections nowadays so its mostly about the strain on the server but with only 5-20 people playing in mine and a lot of other private servers, this would be a non issue. Ty for taking your time to read this, and i hope it has some sort of impact
  3. I Second this! having a clustered server and moving between them makes HLNA a pain when moving over materials fx. Listening to the intro 10 times in 15 min can be a little much at the end. A disable option in the .ini would be most welcome
  4. that did the trick many thanks buddy, saved me more digging around
  5. i have a new server with a i7-10710U and 32gb of ram. alongside with a M.2 SSD so specs are okay. I'm just curious to why changing the setting doesn't have any effect on my server server tickrate stays at 30 even though i put in 60. I haven't tried lowering it since im after more frequent updates, but will try this later to see if 30 is a cap implemented by WC(dno why they would do such a silly thing, but who knows)
  6. Server FPS(Tick Rate) So i have been looking at some posts from the past where ppl have successfully improved their server fps with these lines in game.ini [/script/onlinesubsystemutils.ipnetdriver] NetServerMaxTickRate=XX However those posts are old and from 2018 i tried the commands but got no improvement, is there any way of improving the server fps, am i doing something wrong, or did WC lock it to 30 since those posts? any info is appreciated
  7. have you installed microsoft visual c++? remember i had that issue when trying to make my first server. dno how to read the crashlogs so might be noob help but it is worth a shot
  8. can you still circumvent this on unofficial with the command "AllowCaveBuildingPvE=true" ? Edit: To answer my own question. yes you can
  9. sry i found my own mistake... i named the file PlayersExclusiveJoinList.txt.txt XD such a beginner error. again tyvm for this suggestion
  10. okay so i created the PlayersExclusiveJoinList.txt and placed it in ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64 added the ID's, one per line. added the -exclusivejoin to the bat file, then restarted the servers, but the servers still says im not authorized. am i doing it wrong?
  11. tyvm dont know why i didnt think of that. will get on it straight away you are a lifesaver
  12. being able to just hit enter after the password request Hi there i was hoping you would consider changing the way you have to click the button after a password request for a locked server its a smaller thing, but when you have clustered servers, its a bit annoying having to use your mouse as well. maybe even to remember passwords for servers you have previously entered the code for. its a small quality of life improvement but it should be fairly simple to implement. Ty in advance hoping for a response Kindly regards a happy ARK player
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