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  1. Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, Extinction City Terminals, Orbital Supply Crates on Extinction, etc) Does this mean it's against the COC to put orp spikes around purple drop locations on extinction for easy soloing now?
  2. So someone at wildcard saw this post, and decided it needed to be moved to specifically the "ps4" forum, but didnt think it warranted a response or acknowledgement that there was a problem. ?
  3. Ps4 extinction 1023 down Extinction 1023 on ps4 went down about an hour ago. Getting login lock, as are all the other players on the server. I really hope it's not dead. Only happening to a handful of servers...
  4. So the 5 new chibis are water dinos I'm guessing? Or you get them by fishing.
  5. Or, you could go to war with them!
  6. Good news! War still works fine! Never changed a thing! Thanks WC
  7. Whatever. If someone is being toxic on a pve server there should be consequences that come from their toxicity's victim. If someone is kiting other peoples tames, stealing drops/veins, boxing in spawn points, blocking resources, and saying racist and bigoted stuff in chat, there should be a way to deal with it without breaking code of conduct. Because everyone knows wc does not enforce their own rules. Removing war is a bandaid on a bullet wound.
  8. How? 2 parties agree to war. Allys are affected by war. Choose your allys knowing that if they go to war then YOU go to war too. Very simple. It's kind of the whole point of the tribe alliance system.
  9. Noooo! Dont fix what isnt broken!
  10. I mean, I'm not gonna report it if it works. I WANT war...
  11. People in my FB groups are saying war works just like it always has. I'm getting so many conflicting statements
  12. Does that mean there is literally no way to settle disputes in pve without breaking the code of conduct?
  13. When are they planning to fix that?
  14. PvE war mechanic Is there anyone out there who can walk me through the war mechanic on pve (ps4 official pve)? If I go to war with another tribe, are my alliances still under threat or did they remove that? Tried to search the topic but its hard to sift through the spam.
  15. They should eliminate transfer timers altogether. They are dumb. Another PvP restriction that should not be implemented on pve. -myself and every other pve player ever.
  16. This all sounds great, and I'm excited for the event. But, candy is dumb. Give me colored creatures please. Please. Please?
  17. So that's definitely a net, the question is how large is it (what dinos are affected by it) and how is it deployed. By hand, or a launcher?
  18. Would be cool if it was a turret module for the mek, but unlike the other turret options this would require a 2nd pilot to operate.
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