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  1. Only took 3 years, but you folks finally solved the pve kiting problem! You have my thanks.
  2. Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, Extinction City Terminals, Orbital Supply Crates on Extinction, etc) Does this mean it's against the COC to put orp spikes around purple drop locations on extinction for easy soloing now?
  3. So the 5 new chibis are water dinos I'm guessing? Or you get them by fishing.
  4. This all sounds great, and I'm excited for the event. But, candy is dumb. Give me colored creatures please. Please. Please?
  5. So that's definitely a net, the question is how large is it (what dinos are affected by it) and how is it deployed. By hand, or a launcher?
  6. Would be cool if it was a turret module for the mek, but unlike the other turret options this would require a 2nd pilot to operate.
  7. Oh I sincerely hope not. If that were to happen, those of us playing on ps4 can say goodbye to all updates, support, and future dlc. That would not butter my toast. Not to say, I'd be opposed to a different large studio buying them and lending their support and resources to improving the game. Just not Microsoft.
  8. I ran into this problem. What I did was delete and reinstall the game, then ran a de-frag (Google: rebuild ps4 database) on my ps4's hard drive. Started right up after that and even started running a little smoother.
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