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  1. This all sounds great, and I'm excited for the event. But, candy is dumb. Give me colored creatures please. Please. Please?
  2. So that's definitely a net, the question is how large is it (what dinos are affected by it) and how is it deployed. By hand, or a launcher?
  3. Would be cool if it was a turret module for the mek, but unlike the other turret options this would require a 2nd pilot to operate.
  4. Oh I sincerely hope not. If that were to happen, those of us playing on ps4 can say goodbye to all updates, support, and future dlc. That would not butter my toast. Not to say, I'd be opposed to a different large studio buying them and lending their support and resources to improving the game. Just not Microsoft.
  5. I ran into this problem. What I did was delete and reinstall the game, then ran a de-frag (Google: rebuild ps4 database) on my ps4's hard drive. Started right up after that and even started running a little smoother.
  6. Whoa buddy, calm down. My criticism was meant to be directed toward people who stay on those servers because they can't cut it on regular official. I'm sure there are folks that like to hang there and help people advance in the game, and that's great. Those arent the folks these wipes will hurt. Those folks wont have a tough time rebuilding. These wipes are to discourage the land grabbers and noob grievers. I dont play PvP, I play PvE because I dont have the dexterity in my hands to be competitive, or the mental need to be "dominate" other players. My experience on official PvE has been largely positive, and I do spend the majority of my time nowadays helping newer players get built up. The toxic behaviors like kiting and pillaring of course will always be a problem, but I hope everyone gets as lucky as I have and finds servers where they can forge friendships and where the long established tribes do a good job of working together to prevent this sort of toxicity. My advice; ease up on that salt intake, its not good for you. Keep on surviving friend!
  7. I spent about a week on one of the beginner servers way back when I was just getting into the game. Great way to start out. Glad they're doing wipes on them, sad to hear there's people camping out and trying to stay there longer than needed. How pathetic would it be to call yourself the "alpha tribe" on a beginner server?! Lol
  8. Hey Wildcard! Love the game! Would love to play more today! Could we get an acknowledgement that theres a problem and you're working on it? Thanks!
  9. I have babies out, would be really disappointed to lose them...
  10. Ps4 servers all down? I was just kicked off valguero 1071, now it appears all ps4 servers are currently at 0 population. What's up WC?
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