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  1. Yey excited for the release of Genesis! I guess new players just get excited by a lot of things most of the time. But I've always wondered if the new expansion would present great obstacles to those who have not even achieved tek tier gameplays—like owning tek suits and other equipments and such. Generally,  players who normally play at a slower pace than others. Hopefully not the case and even then I will still be excited nonetheless :D

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  2. Hello,

    Nothing drastic so far but I just wanted to ask if there is a better way to track down these coordinate locations? I used the map coordinates site Ark Map Positions but does not include the z-axis coordinates. Also with this new system—and again, in this case—will the structure attached into what was anti-mesh destroyed also be destroyed even if the latter does not support the the attached structure? (These ladders should be attached to pillars, were the pillars destroyed as well?)



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