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  1. The only reason I can see that doeds do and akies don't is that people use metal as a currency. Would it devalue anything meaningful? Doubt it. Would definitely help solo players be more viable, though.
  2. Chasing saddles in drops and crates is half the fun of the caving stage, isn't it?
  3. Not being able to craft them in city terminals is veey inconvenient like aforementioned. If they changed that, I don't see why you'd need to in a fabricator, although as a convenience, I wouldn't complain.
  4. I'm not sure how to vote, but I'll weigh in anyway. For getting established fast solo, I'd say Val for easy extraordinary kibble. Pvp, I prefer Aberration. I plan to transfer kibble from Val to the island for my real pve journey.
  5. Today I hopped on Extinction to feed my velon farm, mate all of them and make some more kibble. Ended up making 10 kibs, and crafting up a couple hundred tranq darts. Today on valguero I farmed up a few thousand metal bars, crystal and stone with a few hundred obsidian in there too. I started pillaring off a small area near my house in anticipation of transfers, so I'll have a nice little yard to wall off when I get the resources.
  6. Well, after playing on extinction for a while in the desert biome, I have accumulated 9 velons for kibble, a doed and a ptera. My anky and stego drowned. No big deal, though. I berry tamed both of them around level 20. Low level stegos and doeds are fine, but low level anky is like a stone pick in slow motion(barely, but still joking). The vast majority of my kibble was lost due to personal incompetence as I threw most of it on a low level ptera and got bored and ram around for a bit too long. After the ptera, I wanted to go get some cryoballs because convenience and learned something. Extinction supply drops are not like the island and the(at least red) obelisk has no platform and the city terminal doesn't allow cryoball crafting, so I don't even know how to progress with any semblance of reason or practicality. It appears I'm going to have to leave my super ugly base and oddly overbuilt kitty head overlake greenhouse behind. I think I'm going to move to Val. I saw it for the first time yesterday and it is just a stunning map. Very gorgeous. If I can manage to get a beehive, kibble will be a non-issue there and I won't be limited to the smaller dinos. Life has been rough without my 260 rex haha. This 240 velon is a decent enough mount for now. The goal is to kibble tame a few 150 spinos because they're great ground mounts imo. Haven't decided which Val PvE server to join, but I'll figure that out tonight. I'll probably just make a new character and transfer a few tames and items to get started. The Ext base is in a great spot for taming extra velons, anyway, so I think I'll leave it up over there along with the character for convenience reasons. Hate to start over for the 5th time, but hopefully this one will be a bit more viable as a permanent location in addition to being a bit easier to start out on. Deino farm is a lot harder to get started than yuties(prime meat taming low level yuties vs raising deinos), but at least I'll have eggs within reach in the process of raising these otherwise uninteresting clingwraptors.
  7. I have grown to prefer having shinehorns all over my house than light fixtures. They're hecka cute and I actually derive an odd comfort and enjoyment of the lights going on and off in different directions as they charge. Much immerse.
  8. Today I decided to get some of this event boosted harvesting and taming rather than sleep between shifts at work. I made a 7x7x4 dino garage because I tamed 3 more female velons. Starting to accumulate eggs. I'll make a greenhouse after this shift to get the vegetables for kibble growing. Now to decide what my first kibble tame will be... Maybe a 150 velon haha. These things are so killer for how easy they are to tame. I have my best one at 1100 stam 330 melee and it just shreds anything in sight. I bet a decent velon is a real treat to ride. Option 2 is a pteranodon, which would be the responsible choice given that I have no flyers yet.
  9. Big Chitin. I love this, thank you for the laugh. I basically wade through thorny dragons near my base and keratin still isn't as abundant as I'd like. I'll try the link when I get back home. My old i7 3770 used to be fairly proficient at it's job, but that was a while ago. My 970 should still be okay. My ancient 1tb hdd and the 4g factory ram have been silently screaming for upgrades for years, though. I hope the settings ease up some of the castle lag when i'm out running around.
  10. Today on extinction: After work, I set out on gathering some stone to roof in my house and get my walls more than one high. I ended up finding my doed and velon that were apparently shot into orbit for a couple days by the geyser. After getting them home safely, I put my little 20 velon in turret mode on the few ceilings above my bed. A 135 spawned and obliterated it, so I had to go kill it. After that, I decided to raw meat tame a couple low level female velons while 2x is active. I now 2 female eggers and my 120. I am now up to 3 medium eggs! As soon as I get 20ish, I may try to hop over to aberration to go scout out a 150 aberrant anky because my anky is level 40 and only marginally better than a primitive metal pick. I really need to check on my aberration base. It's been a week and I left because I spent days on end looking for a crate, but people have walked off major pathways and I don't have a drake.
  11. Definitely progressing. I think I'll tame a dozen or so female velons to go with my male over the next week or so. They could simultaneously be in turret mode and still lay eggs right? Since they meat tame really quickly, I should be able to get a few going for the kibble, which is the kibble for ankies, doeds, pteras and dimetrodons, all of which I need. Organic hatchery is gonna be worth taming the dimetrodon, even if it's just personal satisfaction. Hope all of this is a solid step 1. Step 2 will just be mutton taming a bunch of yuties, so I can tame decent things. Taming big stuff without kibble is a total non-option for me considering I can only play an hour to two at a time max. I'd have a lot easier time if I could find someone to trade me kibble for ingots, but nobody on my server has seen at all interested in selling me eggs or kibble(extinction pve). I'm rambling, but anyway... Hope my plan comes together.
  12. I lost my 20 velon and got a 120. Raw meat tames out alright for now. The 15 doed got blasted into space(geyser) along with the old velon. The base is gonna get scrapped, unfortunately, so I might use it as a trap. Lots of learning to be had. Definitely gonna try again not right next to a cliff.
  13. Definitely boosted breeding, gathering and dino colors. My only complaint is that as someone who works weekends, I completely miss most events.
  14. I tamed a 15 doedicurus and a 40 anky, so I can finally try to roof in my little shack on extinction. I had a 90 allosaurus fall through the top this morning. Good times.
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