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  1. Official Server Settings Config So i was wondering if someone knows where i can find a config with all official megatribe settings, including weapon damage cap(298%), armor cap etc because i would like to play with these settings.
  2. My friend, can help you increase your fps if you are on a pc (so your game does not look terrible but at same time you get fps). if ur on console then thats console's problem
  3. Change Managarmr Range So i need help changing the range of the managarmr breath. i do know its possible since primal fear's alpha one does have old range so i was wondering can someone tell me what to change/add in configs to make normal mana's breath larger?
  4. Developers dnt help as much as they can so one of my friends who had problem with his ark and wanted more fps t ostream it sent a message to support saying that he wanted to stream ark and they gave him a file that literally made his game run like minecraft and when i told them about this they say they cant help. are a couple of streamers more important than ark community?
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