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  1. now I could only play for 10 minutes and the game was broken again! it freezes again but you don't lose the connection to the server. after that i can't join the server because it no longer loads.
  2. Wildcard apparently wants to drive us away from the servers. I'm back with the problem now. the game freezes but you are not disconnected from the server. if you go offline and want to join again, the error comes again!
  3. yes and Wildcard doesn't care and hasn't released a patch for over a year. please do not buy ark for switch or any other platform.
  4. I also have the same problem. and if the problem no longer exists, you sometimes still need 5-8 tries to get onto the server at all. Whenever you come into the world, the connection is broken and ends up in the menu again. Wildcard can't even patch things that simple. it just annoys! the loading takes too long, there is probably a big delay and if you are in game then the server disconnects because of time out. I also noticed that when you join the server the character immediately wakes up even though the switch is still 1-2min. has to load, it takes too long to fly from the server because of time out. finally increases the time out limit! or optimize the loading process!
  5. I have now deleted the game from the switch 6 or 7 times and reloaded the patch. Now it works again but I absolutely do not know whether the error is in the server or in the game files.
  6. does this error go away on its own? I've downloaded the patch again twice but it doesn't help ...
  7. I downloaded the update again, but it still doesn't work. once I had to download it 3 times until it seemed to work again
  8. I reloaded it yesterday. then I'm off and right now when I want to continue playing I can't do it again. I can start a singleplayer game but no longer get on the server. I can't download the 1.9gb patch for every game. it is always the same, normally the loading process starts with "theisland" and whenever "primalgamedata_bp" is there it doesn't work anymore and lands after 20sec. again in the server menu. I have the impression it gets worse and worse ...
  9. now the game is broken for the 3rd time... it seems to be getting worse. and Wildcard doesn't give a poop. go to hell wildcard!
  10. my files are now defective again and it no longer loads when you join the server. after deleting the software and downloading it again it didn't work. I now download the update again in the same way. patched the switch version. what do sales figures have to do with the support of the game?!? even after the 2nd download it is not possible to play, it is broken and unplayable!
  11. Muki19

    Ice Cave

    is it maybe possible to make the cave solo if you don't kill the animals but lure them into areas where you don't have to go? the animals should stay there and not respawn. unfortunately the cave has very narrow areas, but would it make more sense not to kill the animals but just to lure them away so that you have free access? one would only have to sacrifice oneself in the caves and be able to entice animals away from the actual way.
  12. Ankylo Metal farming i would like to get more metal out of the rocks with the ankylo. my ankylo that is only tamed now has a dmg value of 500%. I am now breeding a new one from this ankylo. does the ankylo mine more metal with the rider bonus of 30% and what does the couple bonus bring? what's up to date with the switch version? once heard that more like 500% dmg brings nothing more when collecting because there should be a limit?
  13. have now completely deleted the software. archiving does not seem to be enough here. after downloading the patch it worked again. but please still investigate why the game files break.
  14. Error loading PrimalGameData_BP I finally flushed ark until I had no more access to the animal inventories. after that i restarted the game and now it no longer loads. I am briefly shown that primalgamedata_bp is loaded, then the screen comes to me with the server list and nothing happens. if I then want to join the server again, it will no longer load. I have ark on switch module and have already downloaded the previous updates twice, but it doesn't change anything. I also restarted the switch but to no avail. it is no longer possible! patch the game at last it's completely broken.
  15. Tek saddles... what are the tek saddles in pve good for? now have access to mosa and rex tek saddle, but the armor value is a joke and the laser cannon is not very powerful. they cannot be used for boss fights if they are not even removed during porting. I think the tek level is pretty weak. or do the saddles have an advantage I don't know about? to get access to the saddles at all I have much better equipment.
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