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  1. server disconnect when joining I am constantly disconnected after logging in to the server. finally fix the switch version, fix the server. by the way, genesis dlc is crap.
  2. so have made the dragon again. now i have the tek-engrams too. which setup is good for the tek cave gamma? and how do you bring all the dinosaurs safely to the portal? is there also the overseer in the switch version?
  3. Wildcard poops on the switch, i poops on Genesis!
  4. the tek saddle is available from the alpha monkey. does the tek-rex saddle have an advantage for the dragon boss? does it protect better against fire?
  5. Dragon Bossfight gamma So far I have spider and monkey on hard with my rex on public server. I had the first fight with the dragons this weekend. I bred and trained the rexe for 3-4 weeks. in the boss fight I had 2 other players as support via tribe-allianz. I have bred my rexes for over 6 months and have prepared myself for this fight. I died in the boss fight and the 2 other players defeated the dragon with my rex. I got nothing, no tek-engrams, nothing. I feel totally screwed by the game. the 2 players had absolutely no work in it and received the reward because they only had to shoot with weapons from far away. I rightly think that I am entitled to free the engrams for all my work. I play ark on public server and everyone can imagine what kind of work it takes to get this far ... maybe an admin can be gracious to me and give me my earnings afterwards? all i have is the dragon trophy. I could try the Tek cave on gamma now, but I would prefer the gamma dragon's tek engrams.
  6. I have now looked in 5 caves and saw nowhere. how can I try to determine that the map did not fall? I've only seen it once in the central cave and I've already got a lot of artifacts out of it. it should happen that they bend under the map and of course you can't kill them and the spawns are blocked.
  7. Megalosaurus I am looking for the megalosaurus. I had already found one twice. once in the cave at the volcano and in the swamp (upper south). now i heard that there should only ever be 4 pieces on the map. are the 4 wild or tamed also meant? if someone has already tamed 4 on the server, can you still find new ones? we are talking about the switch version.
  8. now I could only play for 10 minutes and the game was broken again! it freezes again but you don't lose the connection to the server. after that i can't join the server because it no longer loads.
  9. Wildcard apparently wants to drive us away from the servers. I'm back with the problem now. the game freezes but you are not disconnected from the server. if you go offline and want to join again, the error comes again!
  10. yes and Wildcard doesn't care and hasn't released a patch for over a year. please do not buy ark for switch or any other platform.
  11. I also have the same problem. and if the problem no longer exists, you sometimes still need 5-8 tries to get onto the server at all. Whenever you come into the world, the connection is broken and ends up in the menu again. Wildcard can't even patch things that simple. it just annoys! the loading takes too long, there is probably a big delay and if you are in game then the server disconnects because of time out. I also noticed that when you join the server the character immediately wakes up even though the switch is still 1-2min. has to load, it takes too long to fly from the server because of time out. finally increases the time out limit! or optimize the loading process!
  12. I have now deleted the game from the switch 6 or 7 times and reloaded the patch. Now it works again but I absolutely do not know whether the error is in the server or in the game files.
  13. does this error go away on its own? I've downloaded the patch again twice but it doesn't help ...
  14. I downloaded the update again, but it still doesn't work. once I had to download it 3 times until it seemed to work again
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