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  1. Primal Survival question

    I really hope it comes out this month simply because I need a reason to start playing again
  2. Primal Survival

    I couldn't find anywhere on the forums discussions about Primal Survival so, I made this so others can come and talk about why they are excited and what they are looking forward to
  3. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    @Jat Will mods be released at a faster rate after full release?? Or will we have to wait a few months for each mod to come out?
  4. Micropachycephalosaurus!!! So cute!!
  5. Community Crunch 46 & ARK Digest 30!

    Sorry but someone had to say it..... Winter is Coming...
  6. Will the server be switched to the new map when it comes out? I hope so
  7. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    They have confirmed that the xylophone is the next instrument to be added
  8. I was thinking that maybe we could have some kind of gun to shoot bolas farther and faster or be able to use them with a crossbow, and I wanted to add that we should have a way to favorite admin commands and use them quicker.(mostly needed on xbox because of slow typing)
  9. Maybe all hope is not lost!!! I really hope this happens with ark(fingers crossed!!!)
  10. Lets hope that at full release maybe they will add a mod browsing feature similar to the map browser in halo:reach(probably not:-()
  11. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    Maybe make a quetz/dodo hybrid!!?!?! Ill call it quetzo the magical dodo
  12. Same!! Can't wait to see if eventually they will also add anunaki genesis mod!! I hope!