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  1. Hmmmm, since this super secret new feature isn't in pc patch notes, doesn't this mean that the new feature is either a console exclusive, or is something already on pc?
  2. Sure hope the big surprise is a big new feature like primal survival or a new map at least!!
  3. I couldn't find anywhere on the forums discussions about Primal Survival so, I made this so others can come and talk about why they are excited and what they are looking forward to
  4. All I care about rn is when primal survival is coming out
  5. Anyone Know anything about the upcoming primal survival? I can't seem to find any information about it
  6. Anyone else notice that the fish meat in primitive plus doesn't tame pelagornis? And I cant even find the new stuff or the pela saddle
  7. Yaayyyyyy new patch notes!!!!! LET THE IMPATIENT COMMENTS BEGIN!!!!!
  8. @Jat Will mods be released at a faster rate after full release?? Or will we have to wait a few months for each mod to come out?
  9. With the addition of picking up and throwing small animals.... I wonder if we will ever be able to bowl with dung beetles If so I look forward to that day
  10. Until you lose your dodo by accidentally throwing it and not catching it
  11. Cant wait to throw all my little pets