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  1. Primal Survival question

    I really hope it comes out this month simply because I need a reason to start playing again
  2. Primal Survival

    I couldn't find anywhere on the forums discussions about Primal Survival so, I made this so others can come and talk about why they are excited and what they are looking forward to
  3. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    @Jat Will mods be released at a faster rate after full release?? Or will we have to wait a few months for each mod to come out?
  4. Nazi-saurus!!!!!!(jk)
  5. Micropachycephalosaurus!!! So cute!!
  6. Community Crunch 46 & ARK Digest 30!

    Sorry but someone had to say it..... Winter is Coming...
  7. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    They have confirmed that the xylophone is the next instrument to be added
  8. Maybe all hope is not lost!!! I really hope this happens with ark(fingers crossed!!!)
  9. Lets hope that at full release maybe they will add a mod browsing feature similar to the map browser in halo:reach(probably not:-()
  10. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    Maybe make a quetz/dodo hybrid!!?!?! Ill call it quetzo the magical dodo
  11. Same!! Can't wait to see if eventually they will also add anunaki genesis mod!! I hope!
  12. Yes, and they will do it the same way they add servers for the current map
  13. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    With the addition of the ark official mods system. Will there be modpacks/able to use multiple mods at once?