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  1. Wildcard will never see this thread buddy, boycott genesis raptor this game
  2. Since the developers have absolutely no idea whats happening on these beginner servers let me break it down for you. It makes new players think that it is an impossibly difficult game. The level cap on players preventing you from taming anything decent combined with the level cap of dinos makes for an absolute disaster for anyone making a 10 meter stroll from their base. Alpha raptors are gods here and nothing these beginners tame will stand any chance(which wouldnt be terrible but they are EVERYWHERE). Taking to the skies on a ptera? With that 300 stamina be careful where you land, it attracts one or two tiny BUGS and that ptera is now dead. Beginners love rafts, nearly everyone uses them.. but SORRY because leedsichys cover ever square inch of the ocean on the island. Play on xbox and want to upload your beginner tames before the server gets wiped? Too bad we shut down uploads to stop duping.. OH WAIT YOU CANT DUPE ON THESE SERVERS ANYWAYS HAHA WILDCARD STRIKES AGAIN
  3. Is this in the wrong section? How do we go about reporting this
  4. Probably just a small oversight when disabling and enabling transfers for all servers, they forgot beginners originally had the option to transfer their tames out. If this could be re-enabled it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey we have a situation on my server called the great obeliskpocalypse where hundreds of bob’s tames are left to auto decay at the obelisk because they cant transfer out. Its a horrific site. Wildcard are you out there?
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