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  1. https://gamerant.com/epic-games-store-free-game-june-2020-overcooked-ark-survival-evolved/ Epic doesnt even offer ark, its overcooked instead
  2. oh yeah it prompts a new character, with nothing in the cloud
  3. got a response. devs are aware and working on a fix
  4. I linked this thread to the GM, if others could comment who are having the same issue please!
  5. Finally got a response on a ticket, but the GM doesnt seem to understand the issue. You still having the issue on your gen server too?
  6. Same with ours, it seems to be the whole box of PC small tribes 104,105,106, and 107. we have submitted outage reports daily, tickets, reddit posts and tweets not really sure what else you can do atm. this is like week 3 of no transfers. you can submit a ticket on here under in-game issues, unable to transfer. we did that last night with hope? lol
  7. Transfers Disabled For weeks we have been unable to transfer on/off (PC) NA-PVP-Offical-GenOne-Smalltribes104-107. Havent gotten any response even though our tribe and others have posted outage reports daily and twitter postings. If you try and transfer to the server no character is in the cloud and eventually says unable to load cloud. If you try and transfer off, it does nothing when you click on another server. Really need someone to look into this as bases are decaying on other servers due to us unable to transfer!
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