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  1. As previously mentioned I can not play online due to no internet at home. I can't just stay at my uncle's all the time just play something I paid for and cannot play at home. I really wish it were that simple, but it isn't. Thanks for the help though, I really appreciated it.
  2. DLCs won't work So I purchased all 3 DLCs and tried to install them at my uncle's place, I don't have internet at home, and it said they installed. I got home and gired up my PS and hit Scorced Earth single player. Then a prompt came up that it hasn't been installed yet. Part of me believes I wasted my money. I can't do anything about it at the moment but I would appreciate your feedback. (Written on phone just to clear up some confusion that may have been there.)
  3. So is this just not settled then? I wasted my frickin money on DLCs I cant even play?
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