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  1. IDK what to say personally unless they do something big I think they owe anyone that paid money for console versions a refund me being one of them also
  2. Go to private sever on PC =the good life
  3. Alpha deletes your toon to is random and Rockwell has same glitch other notable glitch's that makes this game almost unplayable is when you unmount any dino they randomly keep walking forward to leave you behind, Abby Surface drops spawn under the mesh making them unclaimable,ark data randomly deletes any and all uploaded data sometimes just one item sometimes all,CAVES DESPAWN TAIMED DINOS! If you leave the cave o yea at random so not always how can this even be the same game as PC none and I mean NONE of these things happen on PC
  4. Btw I did this and still didn't work I feel scammed I can get all other consol and admin commands to work so it isn't just my incompetence
  5. Salt can you screen shot this still working ? I'm pretty sure I typed it everyway it could be I'll try some more
  6. Well ty I guess super lame I could understand them trying to force bloom but ground clutter ? That's dumb consol already lagy as raptor barely runs and you have to restart extinction after like 2 orbital dorps fall because fps falls to like 5
  7. Was there a patch note about it is there new commands ? I wouldn't of spent 70 bucks on a unplayable peice of trash if I knew it was like this back to PC I guess I flushed money
  8. PS4 and Xbox suck Ok why on consol is there no settings for these to be turned off ? I found like 10 websites saying it can be done by typing r.bloomquality 0 r.lightshafts 0 sg.groundclutterquality 0 with everyone after saying thanks it worked well it don't work what am I doing wrong even found some saying you have to put admincheat before them and or no r. I have tryed them all nada.all none gfx admin commands work for me btw just not gfx related ones
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