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  1. ACE's Interview Im 21 My survivor is lvl 89 My secondary is 79 I live in the US EST Im exceptional at taming, building traps, base building, gathering resources, moderate at pvp, and I have most if not all knowledge of all dinos. Been playing for 2 years with all the dlc Im almost always on when im not at college. Im looking for a tribe with active members so we can eventually kill the bosses for tek gear. I would like to get the most out of this game and you cant do that alone. I left my old tribe because instead of growing and building our base, they would rather raid other bases. They would tame the lowest level tames and those tames would get kill an hour or a day later. They tried building in caves, when I told them to hide our gear so that when got raided we would still have some poop, they told me I was over-reacting. When they did get raided the tribe leader demoted me. Dont get me started on the lvl 230 giga I tamed that they managed to get killed.
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