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  1. I jump off the Argy, Griff, Wyv, Q, Owl, Mana, it starts walking away, jump on , back it up (doesn't work on all flyers ofc but does to stop them from walking) jump off and they sit still. Been using that since shortly after beta when it started. Still works
  2. 6 folks on our cluster are having same issue
  3. Wow that's going to cause some to throw a fit
  4. I have found the best team to be a mix. 4 Theri's loaded with cakes to lead the damage on Dragon. This is enough to draw the brunt of things. 1 yuti with TWO daedons. The mated pair keep the worst fight easy. The balance is choice. All Rex's is fine. A rider on a rhino dragging Rexe's is fine. They will take the lead against Monkey as the monkey knock back against Theri's is bad. Against Rex's, the monkey blast tickle and that's about it. The Manticore is a sh!t. I've beat alpha on Val 6 times let alone gamma and beta so no scrub but that poop of a Manticore sometimes never lands the
  5. Interesting comment on the stop all. So the client object (the dino) must get interacted with and call the server which wakes up the server object and keep it around. Hmm.. All the other common sense people are saying around cryo, render range, etc - duh. Reread the comment and note the picture. I sit on a chair and go do real life stuff and check in every 30. Its a horrible use of bandwidth by WC to design a system that pummels their servers and says *yup, still sitting in a chair*. I am confused though by the lack of a sanity check before starving a dino - or transporting them to
  6. I have seen the same which is why I hang out on a chair, move them when I notice that and they start eating again. I guess I am trying to reverse engineer the behavior so I can avoid the bug - or find a repro to report it.
  7. You didn't see my comment that I was sitting there on the chair the whole time? lol
  8. More Dead Dinos on Full Troughs This happens form time to time and I am still trying to figure out how the heck. I attached a pic of my former juve giga. I have 8 tek troughs above him within range. Note the other dinos further away not dying and also within trough range. But this Giga did die. This is not unusual in my experience and common to other breeders as well. I am struggling to reproduce it in a way that we can report a bug to wc so trying to brainstorm how things work and how the code could be buggy. So I have a couple of thoughts as to possible bug sources. Locked onto
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