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  1. The glitches, the game crashing, blue screens, having to deal with ddos attacks, and with enemies who duplicated stuff and this was just some things from last week. Wildcard fix the meshing, get some decent protected servers against ddos, and fix that duping problem that keeps existing on ark
  2. the idea of having an event for this cause. But many servers have been down during this event preventing many people to actually play on official.
  3. game wont let me login on ps4, it just freezes when looading...way to go
  4. again a day staring in a crystal bal if server transfers might pop up on ps4, so probably like most ps4 players i didnt do much on ark
  5. It would help if Wildcard communicates about what the plans are. I hesitate to play atm because there is no communication.
  6. I had the same problem, reported it like 10 days ago, still waiting. Items dropped and no spawn bag, just all gone
  7. They probably will, but x4 wont make up even a slight part of all what is lost.
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