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  1. Fixed. Please share your thoughts and tell other people to comment. This would be a great fix and addition. Would be amazing if the devs could see my post too.
  2. Annoying Issue (please fix) Hello, I’ve been trying to reach the game devs about this issue but they haven’t fixed it. PLEASE make it so whenever you join another server, single or multiplayer, you still know how to make items and have the knowledge you know from other servers. I find it really annoying when starting another single player world with a new character or joining a multiplayer server it’s hard to catch up and relearn everything from the beginning. Would be amazing if the developers could see this and fix this. Other than that Ark on mobile is actually so amazing. I’m so glad it’s continually being updated. Maybe in the future we could get stuff from Scorched Earth and other DLCs. And please keep the game NOT pay to win. Thanks so much!
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