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  1. has the deathworm and giant turtle spawn codes worked on console, specifically xbox?
  2. all their social media is quiet too.. a random midnight 15 gig update should have some words along with it.. please be more transparent in the future.. ..and give warning to those on your official networks.. would hate to deal with the extreme loss of random updates, especially with those rates..
  3. yes.. has anyone tried it with nitrado and have it worked
  4. "Disabled cryosickness on PvE Official Servers (Can be disabled on Unofficials using: EnableCryoSicknessPVE=true in the GameUserSettings.ini)" this doesn't work on nitrado
  5. ticket to nitrado.. always contact them right away with issues on servers and pay attention to the current patch numbers in the main game to make sure they match your nitrado server
  6. QOL REQUESTS on the console the light and light reflection off landscape and materials is brutal.. tone it down a LOT... the server session list doesn't need to load a thousand servers every time.. everyone plays on one or a couple servers at once.. depending on clusters.. why aren't our favorites or recent servers logged, saved, and displayed only...
  7. contact nitrado... they had to move my server to other hardware and it worked.. they warned me beforehand my server had to be stopped before hardware swap because it would risk a rollback.. it worked perfectly for me and now we can finally get some fire wyverns
  8. I play on nitrado servers and they haven't updated their servers with latest path.. I've tried reaching out to ark and nitrado with no response yet.. it's been a handful of days since we got patch too
  9. sorry to Necro bump but I'm having issues with this on my server.. I tried putting AlwaysAllowStructurePickup=True in the custom game.ini settings in the basic expert settings and it didn't work.. I went into expert mode and looked for the line of code in the gameusersetti gs.ini thinkinh maybe it was in there and didn't find it so pasted it in.. still doesn't work.. it's keeping the same pick up timer I had on the server.. do I need to remove the timer setting code first or should it override it?
  10. I run baby mature rate at 100 (argys raise in about 30 minutes, wyverns an hour, quetzal in 2ish and gigas over 3 hours) Cuddle interval .0321 (think turtles are one of the only that can't get 100% just 50%) .. most Dino's just need 1-3 imprints.. Mating multiplier is .0333 (mating cooldown is usually between 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes) .. easy to adjust Baby hatch at 100 (10 minute hatch for quetzal and 30 minute for giga.. everything else is quick)
  11. doesn't look like nitrado has updated our servers with most recent patch for Xbox... are you playing on nitrado too with PS4?
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