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  1. I made a topic about this too with no replies. they stopped in 100% wind at red ob too.
  2. Rafts Bugged I have tried with several rafts in a location to the south. The rafts are able to be placed, however, when mounted you are unable to move forward as the raft is stuck in place. Nothing beneath it, nothing around it, but it is stuck.
  3. Respawn timer from wild dinos? Every time from wild magmasaurs that then procede to kill my tames. Is this meant to be this way?
  4. That is normal unfortunately.
  5. Yes, absolutely. It is just very rare. A few days ago i was running from a 120 Alpha Tuso with 20k health.
  6. This. As a solo player on official pvp servers, I have tried to do beta missions after weeks of breeding only to me ransacked by 15 man mega tribes with tek-rexes. immediately after completion.
  7. Inhop they never open transfers to genesis. It would ruin the purity of experience for this amazing new DLC. No fliers, no manas, no gigs.
  8. Knocked out a 130 X-Dunkleosteus right before update, 700 Tranq arrows, took forever, wasted because of the update. Sir I am mad because of all of the effort wasted- edit while the torpor was in fact lowered significantly, It is still here. My apologies to devs
  9. there is so much going on. at most you might get an email, i've never received more than that. However, keep your hope. Feel free to message me if you'd like a new person to play with
  10. Blocking Terminals in pvp official I understand as a tactic, but is it okay to be blocking every single terminal on an extinction map? I need a dev to answer this please. My character is trapped
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