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  1. Bith

    best metal spot

    #3 is where i farm. just build your base in green and setup teleport pads. use shards and only fill when you are farming. make sure you build alot of forges as well.
  2. cant wait ill i can join the trading forum as well. look forward to dooiing business
  3. this woul dbe so helpfull i had a few dinos die in the beggining do to this. now i paint my floors colors marking trough area. but a range indicator would be so much better
  4. someday we can trade... i hope
  5. Welcome... also new to game and agree. counting up
  6. Bith

    fall under the map

    had the same thing happen to me as well on 318. lost a high lvl basi
  7. I wouldnt mind getting in on this. Let me know
  8. this is super annoying i hope they fix it soon
  9. Just started playing a few months ago and cant get enough
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