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  1. If only the switch version could get a little attention. That’d be great. 1 dlc please? Just one?
  2. Here we are a year later. Still no dlc. Still no switch support. Still not worth the money. Maybe if we got all the dlc that console has then people would want to buy switch version making them profit and pleasing the players at the same time. Hmmm. Makes too much sense to me.
  3. I play ark almost daily and even put up with no dlc and no support for switch but still paid for the game. All other consoles have access to 2 free dlc maps and even more paid ones. I don’t care what we get, but I just want something else. The island is a crap map and lack of newer dinos makes it get really old really fast. I’ve supported, paid, and played ark since beta on Xbox. Please for the love of god work on some dlc for the switch already and actually deliver it.
  4. Can we get some dlc for the switch please? Like anything at all? The island is the worst map
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