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  1. Hello there (General Kenobi ^^) Hi, my name`s SalarsaZee/Karmadua while I'm online. I'm from germany and 17 years old. In regards to joining the tribe: I would love to have a look at the Server. Love The Island (I personaly think it's the best map). Sounds like a lot of fun, to have People who actually prefer PVE as the main topic of a server. Oh right, about my experience: I got 850 hours ingame, tamed most dinos that were released during that time. Well that already shows my problem... even though I am kind of experienced, this experience is from a long time ago. I havent played the game for about half a year. I still hope to join in on the fun and hopefully find a couple of people to play with. If you need to know my real name please ask me about it personaly.
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