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  1. NA-PVE-Official-Aberration272 12th time we have lost a drake while fighting wild drakes when we go to get eggs getting old pretty damn fast
  2. so the patch they just did i logged in and the gestation and xp is working again.
  3. well just for the hell of it I had 3 of my tribes mates that were not level capped like i am and they also have the same issue on the timer and levels not changing.
  4. Hate to say bud but most likely not much can be done. However if your playing on official PVE i could give you an egg as i been stocking up on eggs and i have a few 175s-180 sitting in the fridges
  5. I tried for the 2nd time hoping maybe it was just buggy but no change timer isnt counting down. but its a 145 and maybe if they patch/fix if/when i'll have a 145 ready to go lol on side not you can abort them still
  6. Indeed i just got myself knocked up after just finding out about the 3x and count down is stuck at 4hrs and can not get levels either tried logging out validating files no luck yet
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