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  1. Ya know, the cute little promos are just adorable... but not as cute as black screening on genesis only to log back in and your tame is gone. no record. nothing. gone. this game will violate your private place where you go number two.. just sayin. i will tell everyone this game is a ripoff oh wait thats right noone plays ark unless they are forced to stay home in quarantine
  2. Ya know, the cute little promos are just adorable... but not as cute as black screening on genesis only to log back in and your tame is gone. no record. nothing. gone. this game will violate your private place where you go number two.. just sayin.
  3. P-V-P-X-C For Console and Pc Has anyone tried Ark mobile? Its a bit like playing old school outdated ark but they have this awesome game mode called PVPXC that has the map divided into a pie chart. One portion of that chart is red indicating the PvP area and moves around the map slightly clockwise every hour. This would be amazing on console and pc as it would give people who have actual grown up lives and jobs a chance to embrace their inner child with ark again.
  4. Yes and don’t forget (like I had already mentioned) you can farm missions for hexagon points and buy rare resources with them in Genesis...The other DLCs don’t have that option... thus leading into the current state of Ark now using micro transactions which was my original point.
  5. what a joke of a game, unpatched glitches that destroy hours of work in an instant. Never giving another dime to this company. They soak in all the dlc cash and pretend the math is too hard to fix overspawning, extinction is a lost cause, gensis leaves the door open for micro transactions, thanks for the complete rip-off and waste of time again because your game constantly freezes and crashes causing me to loose everything on my character including my tame.
  6. I just want to shout out a thanks everyone for the input and advice to me and other new player to better their experiences with ark. I hadn’t considered just sticking it out on UO to see if the toxicity leaves and how especially about server hosts are generally good willed. Much appreciated for the perspectives. Ill hang in there for a bit longer and give it a chance. Its fun no doubt when you do encounter a decent group of players. As a subnote: At this point I am more likely to stop playing the game because of its ridiculous glitching, crashing, inconsistencies with interface (ie. genesis hex menu), losing items in ark data, falling though the map (ie genesis, val), constant memory leaks (ie. extinction), etc..etc.. I have not been this frustrated with a video game since Mario Bros 2, legit.
  7. @Markdh31788 i hope so, it would not surprise me to see it eventually happen though.. In contrast, Are we supposed to have trust in a development company that repeatedly says they will fix issues which seldom get resolved? I am not looking for an argument, I just hope your right about them not ever having micro transactions but technically they do now. Just not with real currency (yet). If you consider that people who paid for the genesis dlc can transfer there, farm missions, then buy rare resources/loot crates (even if there’s a slim chance of getting anything worth while) and take that back to use against other players is in all fairness a “Pay-To-Win” framework.
  8. complete ripoff, this hexagon system leaves the door wide open for micro transactions down the line... mark my words if wc can figure out how to milk their players for a bit more cash they will.
  9. true but i have been playing online games for a long long time (since the original warcraft 1 and 2) not to mention I played my share of MW2 which was said to have the most toxic chat in the global gaming community... however its very sad that toxicity in the ark gaming community takes the cake. Maybe not to the profane extent that Mw2 held but still.. just sayin. Ill try the UO Server options as they look way more fun any. But then are you not at the mercy of who ever is paying for the server? Its a loose loose, you just play the game, get arked in the rearend and continue to absorb the daily punishment i suppose.. or quit. what evs.
  10. New Player’s Experience Please hear me out ok, I have only been playing this game for a few months or so since I saw the some of the first genesis trailers. I got excited about such a cool looking game and went and bought it at a very discounted price (not the new dlc though.. for some reason they wouldn’t discount that after being delayed so long?) anyway, that’s besides the point. My experience started on a bad note with starting on a beginner server. The concept is great but its completely broken when you still have supply drops provide high tier blueprints. Just sayin. Thats dumb. Another thing is regarding the customer support for this game. It seems to be a complete disorganized mess where there are pointless topics (i.e: Support link for Missing Items but customer support cannot provide support for missing items?!) Not to mention the responses have a curious automated vibe to them. Just saying again. Thats dumb ok. So far, the community of players has been nothing short of toxic all around the board. With the exception of a few generous and good willed people out there playing, the community in general is has a great deal of toxicity that seems to have discouraged a large amount of their player base. This is again unfortunate for a potentially good game. Oh well. Lets talk about Genesis. This DLC is for high level players mainly and most of the content will never been seen by anyone but mega tribes and devs. Its mainly a iced topping for all of those people to play with and most casual players will never see half that stuff. Its a lead on to sell a product and basically a sneaky money grab. As a new player, I am utterly disgusted at the toxicity and lack of support surrounding a game community. Cheers and have fun. There’s other better things coming from better devs, trust me. Till then ill be punching trees. Peace.
  11. lolmfao


    Flop!!! hahahah way to go Wildcard hats off to ya!
  12. this whole things is a bunch of bs to get people to spend money on tickets and element.. pkus you risk loosing everything to this glitched ass game during the whole process.. nuff said
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