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  1. Argy Flies Off When I'm Hit While Swimming (Switch Version) I I'm playing the Nintendo Switch Version (I know, I have to put up with a lot, but I can't resist the lure of playing while on-the-go). It's happened several times where I'll tame, train, and load up an awesome Argentavis to use as my main mode of transportation, but if I'm swimming and get hit, even nipped by a goose, I'll turn around and my bird is gone. I've spent hours searching around b/c I don't get any death messages, but it's almost like it glitches out of existance. I can't find anything about it online. Has this happened to anyone else? Have you ever found one of your birds? How and where (in relation to where it was)? I'm so frustrated, I've just lost the third bird this has happened with...
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