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  1. Rates skewed after transferring my non-dedicated save to dedicated So recently I've decided to transfer an Island save my friends and I were playing on over to dedicated using ASM so I could make it a server. We were fairly far into the game having just beaten broodmother when we switched to dedicated. I got the server working and made sure all the rates we had on our Non-Dedicated were input into ASM, only having boosted xp, boosted harvesting, and reduced mating interval as our modified rates. We load, and within the first 10 minutes we noticed something. All our 40k hp 800% dmg rexes had less than half in those two stats, averaging 19K hp and 370% damage per rex, though other stats such as weight were seemingly unaffected. We boost the add per level stat a bit in hp and damage and managed to get stuff roughly to where it was before, not perfect though, and certainly a a pain in the ass. Then my lvl 91 friend joins on and within a minute realizes the game will not let him level up. I check ASM and sure enough xp cap is at default. We check our dinos and notice, they too cant level up, with exception of our recently tamed ones, which we managed to get a couple levels out of. We reload the server with a boosted xp cap and leveling works. Later, my friend mates his two pteros, only to be told afterwards, he has to wait 6 mores hours to breed them again, on our server with mating interval at 0.25 of the default. Does anyone have any idea whats happening, and what I can do to get everything to what its supposed to be?
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