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  1. We all just got kicked again, server not in list
  2. Everybody is still getting kicked every day and the lag is totally unplayable. please can someone look at this server? we can not do anything on this server without losing stuff. How long does this need to go on for? The server is vanishing from the server list, it kicks everyone then comes back a few minutes later. if you flying your dead and probably lose everything you have on you. Do you think this is fun? You can not do veins or osd's on this game anymore, you certainly can not do any bosses, what is the point? All you can do on 507 is sit
  3. Seriously, the lag is even worse than ever. every minute sometime 30 seconds. the game is getting a joke and this has been complained about for at least 5 years. Exstinction 507 PVE ALL players are getting booted all the time, the server fails to show in the server list for a while if your lucky. Then you can not reconnect for 5 to 10 mins as your character is still connected. I have never seen such appalling performance for any online game. you have driven most of your Customers away or to private servers, I honestly think you want the rest of us to join them, if so please m
  4. Extinction 507 is now a joke to play on please sort it out. Lag is out of control, we play for 30 seconds lag for 30 seconds none stop. Getting kicked and then can not reconnect for 10 minutes because the user is already connected..... EDIT: If you go out of render range and go back to base only half of the base renders back in. it takes about 6 minutes to render. Obviously the server is under too much load. When losing connection (a few people get kicked not just me) the server is no longer in the list of official servers for a few minutes, DNS issues? EDIT:
  5. Please let us know, no rollback game gets uninstalled. we were not able to login for 8 hours resulting in dead giga's due to incompetent coding/game design and no common sense. Don't even start me off on timers Never have I seen anyone upset their paying Customers as WC does.
  6. Severs are back,645 Melee Giga babies dead all 6 eggs also gone. I hope there is a rollback
  7. Same, I got baby giga on floor
  8. How must stuff do we have to lose every week? do you realize the amount of hours people have to put in to get it?
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