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  1. I cannot transfer to another server When I try to transfer to a server it doesn't let me, I don't get any error or something like that, I just press to join and it's as if I didn't press it. Is there any solution?
  2. Diego62748


    Valguero When can things happen to valguero on consoles?
  3. Diego62748

    Help Gacha

    Help Gacha Why do my gacha only put normal crystals and not good ones? I know how the porridge works, I know that when they are two together who are not a couple they get annoying, when they are not happy they produce less, if they do not have pellets they produce less, but I do not understand why in a long time they do not put good crystals (they which is not very often but literally they release me a good one every hour or more)
  4. Quick ways to get owl poop alone? Quick ways to get owl poop without help in Xbox One?
  5. bad graphics and many mistakes Bad graphics and many mistakes, for one of those "mistakes" I lost all my inventory and I could not recover it, since the earth swallowed my character and ended up dying. I have sent a report on that and they have not solved anything
  6. Tips to get mutated dinos? What are the ways to get mutated dinos?
  7. I learned of a case from someone who helped him, I hope and so be it with me since I lost things because of a game error and not my own Thanks for saying so
  8. Could you help me urgently please I play on an official pve server and yesterday I was on the extinction map and I got a bug, I swallowed the earth to my character and died losing all the things that I had in my inventory. What do you recommend me to do? I have sent my report but it is the first time that I do it and I do not know if to put something wrong do not answer me
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