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  1. I'm not sure... But most likely it's just another random bug of ARK.
  2. Good raised Drake with good saddle can deal with reaper queens without much problem.
  3. Hui

    Big Turtle: Can It?

    Well... Breeding/trading/OSDs/building and communication with others in friendly manner is a key to have fun in PVE. It's not that boring as you think. But back to turtle, I hope this beast will be useful way more then rafts
  4. It is most usual way to access Cloning Chamber. Never had any problems with access to CC using this "terminal".
  5. Hui

    dlc Best DLC

    Aberration was kinda fun before transfers opened. Extinction is great in PVE, but totally changed PVP so im can't play it anymore, it's disgusting after extinction release.
  6. I do believe that current PVE settings (including ORP) are the best, especially for Extinction and Aberration (due to damn drakes and nameless who spawns inside base in blue biome). Don't want be afraid of corrupted dino dropped over my head. Can now build something beautiful without need to plant ton of X-plants which are looks awful. So I prefer to leave current settings as it is. If people blocked some critical spawn points you can always report them and most likely admins will do smth to help.
  7. Will be great to have Steampunk as implemented game conversion, same as primitive+
  8. Can't wait for Genesis Bought season pass straight away!
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