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  1. Wich guns use on Rockwell? Tek? Hello! I am almost ready to kill rockwell, i researched, watched videos and etc. But, i dont see anywhere the name of the guns people use! (Yes, i never use a gun on ark, so i dont know any of them and they are a lot). So... Wich guns may i use? Ps: I have acess to Tek Rifle, and, on my search, i discovered that Rockwell Arenas allow tek tier items, so considered it.
  2. Hello again! Coming back just to say i got my revenge. Today i log in and found my twins ice dragons lvl 230 in colors blue and green, but with another names of course, luckly, the thief build his base near the ravine and his dinossaurs were outside of it. So, i just bring wild dragons to kill all of his dinos (Including my beloveds twins) Now im ready to go to Extinction muauahuahauhauhahuaaa
  3. One of the times this happends i had logg off on my bed. But i agree, probably a player did that, makes no sense i woke up on water. Thank you guys
  4. Yes! Oficial server, and PVE, so its impossible to someone grab other players... i think...? If i die drowned, the tribe log show that, right? Mine dont show the cause of the death
  5. I woke up death and lost precious dinos!! Hello, this happend about 2 weeks ago (I stop to play because of it). One day i woke up death surrounded by water, and my house (where i logged off) is far far away from the ocean. My invectory had 2 pokeballs with my twins ice dragons lv 185 with all imprints, but i just log in a long time after my death and my invectory was already disapeared, acctualy i dont even know where i was in first place. Obvisously i get mad and sad, because those dragons are extremly rare (they were blue and green). i dont know if this information is important but this happend after the genesis att. This happend more than one time too, but this first one was the worse because of the dragons. (PVE server, Ragnarok, the tribe log dont tell how i died) So, can i get my dragons back or something? I play with a friend and we were about to buy a DLC, but with this bug i dont know if this is worth anymore.
  6. Hm... this is sad, thanks everyone for the replyes... And is good to know that the PvE servers can do wars. But its annoyng find a place to build since everywhere is occuped.
  7. Its normal a begginer being constantly stolen and kill? My vision about this Hello, i get Ark on PS4 about 3 days ago, so im a begginer. I learned many things and evolve my home as the hours was passing by, then, one day, a level 200 player break in my home and stolen all my closets. Ok, lets try again, i tought, but he came back and did it again, this time with a full team and with a dragon. I just cant understand why he did it, i had nothing valueble since i am a simple begginer! I know that Ark have many servers PVE, but the point is: Why is allowed a lvl 200 destroy completly a begginer? This is totaly anti-game!! I think this should be review. I will continue to play but i felt multiple times a very strong desire to stop. I dont wanna give up to the PVP mode, but i dont wanna e stomped too... So, how i know when a new server will born? (Im not fluent on english)
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