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  1. BeastKing

    Major frame rate drop

    i have two tree platforms to separate the dinos the framerate drops when i go to one from the other. if i stay on one or keep going to the same one the framedrop doesn't happen. it has to be the platforms.
  2. BeastKing

    Major frame rate drop

    actually now i think it's just having too many dinos on a tree platform that's causing it.
  3. BeastKing

    Major frame rate drop

    So found out if you have too many dinos and paint on some all in one tree platform frame rate drops to one frame per 10 seconds.
  4. oh. why advertise it then?
  5. I'd hold off on new game versions of ark till you fix the minor problems of ark survival evolved like the 250m tether for split screen or how when split screen is on you can't see the shoulder pet on the other persons view in first person.
  6. BeastKing

    Ps4 split screen tether

    could they at least make it more than 250 meters? can't even go halfway through cragg's isle without getting pulled. How is one suppose to get oil and another get metal if they can't be far apart?
  7. BeastKing

    Ps4 split screen tether

    it's not in there anymore i looked
  8. BeastKing

    Ps4 split screen tether

    it's a disadvantage to not get rid of it. less people would want the game if they can't get more than 250 meters away from someone.
  9. BeastKing

    Ps4 split screen tether

    Get rid of the stupid tether. me and my cousin find it difficult to play with it on. at least let us increase the length. i don't care if it causes MINOR bugs. It's better than not being able to go do our own stuff without needing the other to be right next to us.
  10. BeastKing

    Aberration dino transfers

    I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if you transferred either a fertilized egg or male and female dino and obtain a fertilized egg to aberration then when it hatched you would get an aberrant version of that dino? for example a trex.
  11. BeastKing


    k thnx
  12. BeastKing


    How can i make it so i can transfer something like a mantis over to aberration?
  13. BeastKing

    crashing xbox one

    basically game crashes after about an hour or two
  14. BeastKing

    split screen tether

    great well thnx anyways
  15. BeastKing

    split screen tether

    i can't afford an xbox one x so that's a problem