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  1. Glad to hear it. Makes me believe you actually do care.
  2. I get what your saying, I took game design. Took three hours to make pong and that is just two lines and a dot, but the thing is we Xbox players don't get it at all. Just two guys left temporarily as well. How does that keep us from getting it at all AND at the last minute too? It doesn't make any since.
  3. I would've been fine without the vampire/werewolf perks. But the fact we Xbox players aren't getting the Halloween event at all kinda pisses me off!
  4. agreed
  5. thnx
  6. my dinos always glitch through the walls. How do i stop that?
  7. thnx i did not see that
  8. Will this be for Xbox too?
  9. Didn't know that this was posted a long time ago. Also i see you are a fan of fallout as well
  10. I can't even walk 5 feet without it crashing and i play offline single player. I hope they fix this soon.
  11. ok now it is just crashing no matter what i do. Why?
  12. how come every time i ride my dinos my game crashes?