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    New new new Please add an option for npc human surviors that can be tamed, join tribes of player and other npc so i can raid on singleplayer or get raided by npc humans with dinos would be so so cool
  2. General suggestions Consider adding giant humanoid creatures like 3 species normal looking 2 eyes maybe a cyclopes 1 eye and it'd be great if the dinos could be more realistic with how they act in wild and tamed they should sleep, have wild babies that could be tamed, all dinos should have special calls that can lead to allied dinos helping like the raptor call on jurassic park. And more real dinos the games pretty empty on single player id love to be ambushed by a raptor hiding in a bush or behind a rock or have to sneak past a sleeping group of wild trexs also there should be herds of dinos that walk together eat sleep drink and fight together i think these things would make the game a lot cooler
  3. Wow thanks yes i am new here
  4. Can i just leave the dungeon when i get facility key and all i want?? And how i dont want to fight the boss but i cant do the dungeon then i usually kill myself on accident and lose all blueprints i got in there how do i get out with my stuff???
  5. Pubg has four maps multipule modes of games hardcore gameplay.. i think we ark mobile surely can get another map or 2 or 3 lol and add more creatures!! Theres only like 87 and cant even tame all of them (sum are untamable) but i definately think wyverns thylacoleo hyena things would be absolutly great
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