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  1. Tried that on our server and now we get 100% imprint on the first go. I've been testing different settings all night and nothing is working to get back to needing more than one imprint. If you've successfully solved this, what is your BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier set to?
  2. Ok, just tried a lot of things tonight. Halved our Baby Mature Speed, Egg Hatch Speed, Baby Mature Speed. Increased our Mating Interval up to 1.1 in accordance with the suggested formula above. Every test still gave me 100% imprint on the first go. Beyond frustrating and I'm giving up for the night. Prior to the change/update, our stats were: Baby Mature Speed 50, Mating Interval 0.1, Egg Hatch Speed 30, Baby Cuddle Interval 0.0232 which gave us about 11 minutes between imprints and, for example, a thyla would need (5) imprints at 20% each. No matter the critter we could get 100% im
  3. I'm having a similar issue; Baby Mature speed of 50, Mating Interval .01, Egg Hatch Speed 30 and Baby Cuddle of 1.0. We have the time in between imprints back to the approximate 10 minutes we want it at with those settings, but it's still an instant 100% imprint the first time. Tried upping the Mating Interval to 1.1 following the math above and it didn't affect it.
  4. Actually it did, and all of our set server rates are unchanged. But we've all been able to fully imprint, for example, a megla to 100% before it's even juvenile. I am one of the server admins but am uncertain where to even look to turn this off. Our server is hosted thru GPortal, would this be something they pushed thru?
  5. Speaking of the rates - if I understand correctly, the rates ended on 11/03 however they are still quite active on our unofficial server. Is there a way to turn them off?
  6. We've had plenty of skeleton dinos spawn on our Island server, but not a single one on Aberration. Since they're supposed to take the place of the various alphas, most of which are not found on that map, are we just doomed to not being able to collect bones?
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